Friday, August 29, 2008

Meme bout me

I AM.... cerebral, fun loving, introvert, extrovert, indoor person, outdoor person, am too dynamic

MY EX WAS... No ex sorry! (am still with my first boyfriend)

MAYBE I SHOULD... Give up my life here and move to Vegas

I LOVE... People who love me

I DONT UNDERSTAND... What I want to do with my career…really

I LOST MY.... Virginity two months ago damn!!!

MY CURRENT BOYFRIEND IS.... My first boyfriend

WE HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOR… 4 and half years (a lifetime really)

My soulmate

PEOPLE SAY IM.... A great person

LOVE IS... An awesome thing – everyone should partake in this feeling

SOMEWHERE, SOMEONE IS... wishing i would jus give them that chance

I WILL ALWAYS.... Be myself

FOREVER IS.... Not always

I NEVER WANT TO.... Look back and have regrets

WHEN I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING... I feel like going back to bed

LIFE IS FULL OF.... Surprises

MY PAST IS... good enough to tell my grandkids, too dull to write a book

I GET ANNOYED WHEN.... People annoy me (but hardly sha!)

PARTIES ARE FOR.... dancing (I guess)

GIRLS ARE..... girls….will always be

SEX IS... Lips sealed

I WISH.... I could go back to being a teenager (life was carefree then)

TOMORROW IM GOING TO..... Make my hair (It’s a weekend)


I HAVE NO TOLERANCE FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE.... For people who are laggards

I AM NOT.... a bad girl

IF I HAD 100 MILLION DOLLARS... I’d begin my dream of providing education for less privileged girls & women empowerment programmes

MY JOB MAKES ME.... There must be easier and less stressful ways to make this money

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Random thoughts

Dressing up this morning, I got extremely upset, to find what to wear is now war. I need a wardrobe overhaul. I hate buying clothes in Nigeria because most times when I go shopping I end up buying stuff just for the sake of it not that they were absolutely irresistible. I’ve been saving to go to Dubai but the rate at which this whole job thingy is going I doubt I’ll have time to travel this year. So am going shopping next weekend, sisters resident in Naija help a girl out, with the list and location of your favorite shops pls.

Now I understand why parents get over anxious bout their children, my younger bother is sixteen. Just completed secondary school, going to Uni next month. Somehow I was in possession of his phone for a short time and I snooped. (I normally don’t do this but I was curious for some strange reasons) anyways the text messages I saw on that phone made me a little worried. Different girls, different erotic messages. Children of these days! God help us, they are not conservative at all.

On a lighter note I have this bad habit I’v been trying to kick for 2 years now. I never noticed this until I started corporate work. I cant seem to leave my feet in my shoes. Once I sit down, unconsciously I take them shoes off. I’v tried to combat the problem by buying shoes with strap but unfortunately I don’t even realize when I take them off. Pls don’t tell me to go for flat corporate shoes. I absolutely hate them.

I have three weddings this weekend, plus ICAN classes 8am to 8pm. I don’t know how I’l juggle them. All these social responsibility is a huge blackmail, so is personal development. Maybe I’l skip all of them and read a novel at home. With the terrible week I had I guess it wont be too bad. Peace people. Enjoy the weekend.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

i cant comprehend

Ok so i have this friend i met at A level class, very beauriful girl. we went to the same uni. at least for 100 level. she was the reigning chic on campus then cuz really she is beauriful, gorgeous, all in all.

Anyways she left for America after 100 level, we kept in touch for a while, after which correspondence ceased. Her mails started bouncing back (email de-activated), her no became incorrect.

After 3 years of incommunicado. I get a facebook add last week from her. I was so happy. went on to check he rpage out. Girl friend is now so sexy and gorgeous. i mean all dose baby fat has disappeared, she is so slim now (maybe a size 2) and healthily so. Her stomach is as flat as a board, her complexion is glowing. without wasting time i begin to leave photo comments. (meanwhile i need to register at a gym o!)

After checking out a couple of pictures i realized she is a stripper / lap dancer / hostess in one club like that in DC. I mean d pictures were all but nude with tags like "me preparing for my lap dance", "me before the next set", "me with a customer before a private viewing", "my stunt double", "me and my dancing partner" (this dancing partner is a hunk of a man wearing thong), 'me and my pdancing pole", etc.

I was quite taken aback, cuz this is a buriful intelligent girl, from a wealthy family (am sure if i type her surname here everyone will go really, cuz her popc is well known) with the world at her finger tips and now this is what she has become. The curious me that i am i quickly did some research on the club she works for and got an article (interview) that she granted the press last year. In it she says she ran away from home cuz her popc was stifling her, Africa also stifles freedom of women and that she is very adventourous and innovative. so she bought a one way ticket to DC and never looked back, that her dad tried to get her but she wouldnt come back home, now she is free and living the life.

I guess i should be happy for her, she seems quite happy and fufillled but i turned and tossed that night, ( i tend to overburden myself with people's issue sometimes) wondering what the future will hold for her and stuff). am really toubled o! we used to be really really good friends at some point

But really for a buriful 21 yr old girl from a rich home to abandon studies and become a stripper. is it no big deal? i'd luv to hear especially for people in Diaspora. Maybe its just troubling me cuz i reside in Naija. am sure am over reactin abi?

Monday, August 11, 2008

what happened??

I have no friend again. seems i have bought an unusual no of aso-ebi this year. Every one seems to be getting married, school friends, office friends, childhood friends. The others seem to have left the country for masters or something else. what happened to the time we could all hang out on sat (all girls) and gist about our boyfriends, our toasters? our future?

That said i have no new toaster (only the over recycled ones). that seems weird. I mean once upon a time i had 3 toasters per day. What happened to the weekends i used to be so bugged about which toaster to actually hang out with (when my sweetheart is not around tho) . i blame this plight on my 8am to 10pm job (i need to change jobs i think)

what happened to the weekends i could lounge at home, read novels, watch dvds, sleep, exercise, go i have to attend acca classes. 8am to 8pm Saturdays and Sundays?

Am I chasing after vanity? cuz now it seems there is money but no time to spend it.

no excitement, nothing to look forward to like that, just routine
Am bored, dissatisfied, anxious, on edge, and uneasy, paranoid, everything and am just 22. Seems my life moved to fast for me

or maybe cuz my sweetheart left Lagos today.

I guess the long and short of this post is that i miss him already

Let me stalk more blogs. see y'all l8r

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the right mix of motherhood and career

SINCE blogville and the entire world seems to be getting married ( I’v bought over 13 aso-ebi this year alone) we may as well talk about motherhood and work

How do women….working women that is juggle career and motherhood especially when the kids are young???

When I was younger…. Two weeks before my 6th birthday I was sexually molested by our houseboy…… he asked me to come and lick icecream (his dick) after one taste I cried that I dint like that type of icecream. After a few tears he asked me to take off my clothes and lie down on my stomach that he would give me the one I will prefer…..i did…this asshole was actually going to penetrate my ass-hole….i was 2 wks shy of 6 years (in fact party preparations were on going for my sixth birthday) and he was 22…..But before he could….. my brother came in and raised alarm……my parents were told when they got back…needless to say he was properly dealt with….the police were invited….my dad gave him some razor blade marks before the police arrived tho….

I have another friend that was usually left in the care of her mumc’s younger brother after school….pending when her parents get home from work this guy….her uncle raped her an raped her friend…school friend not once not twice not thrice…..she was 9, he was 27, her friend was 8….she couldn’t tell her mum, it was her friend that summoned up courage to tell her mum and that’s how the whole thing blew open her mum dint mention it to her father till today……because the guy is her brother and she was scared of his reaction tho she almost killed the guy with a pestle….when neighbors gathered she said the guy stole from her

Last year, a church member’s house girl threw her son down the stairs in a fleet of anger, one foot is now longer than the other…..

….And there are many more stories like that....

Pls do tell me how do you intend to juggle motherhood and career….am curious?