Monday, March 29, 2010

Update + randomness

I have sorta lost my blogging mojo so i'l just do a question and answer session like BBB..for my next post..

You can ask me...any the comments session or mail to and i'l answer honestly in my next post...


Got out of my relationship in January

Right just having mad fun free lancing...


I am considering going into a newrelationship (with ND)..i'l decide after my birthday ...

ND is someone i'v known since 2005...been on and off on my case...cute, tall guy, good job, small money..LOL.. he is however not my usual kind of guy...he is kinda on the fast lane..but am loving the spontaneity, the fun, the parties, the dancing and he gives the word romance another meaning..i think i need the excitement jare

Having an exam free reading...i kinda miss it

i'v had two job offers since Jan....finding it really hard to leave here but i think its time

I am still loosing weight! my appetite these days is practically zero

Emptied my account to decorate / re-model my room - this singular action alarmed my father because (according to him) its an indication that marriage is not in the cards...but am loving the new look of the room

Attended an ex- toaster's wedding on Friday

Met with the ex's ex on Sunday

My birthday is in 5 weeks - still trying to figure out the ultimate gift for myself

and lest i forget, i joined twitter