Tuesday, December 22, 2009

simply grateful

The year started on a good note..bought my tear rubber in feb..got promoted in April...moved to our new house in June..

Then toward the end of the year, after Lamido's tsunami things took a down turn...salaries started coming in late, pay slash etc...depressing really..but this past Monday God decided i should have a reason to rejoice...final results for the professional exams i have been writing came out..AM CHARTERED..

So i have a lot to be grateful for in 2009 really...

Life and good health

A job and salary to look forward to at the end of the month (thousands of folks have their jobs in December alone due to downsizing, rightsizing and pack up of many businesses especially in the financial sector)

My admission to a professional body - (wrote the 5 diets back to back without failing any paper)

My brand new car

Our new house

My boyfriend

My work-out regime

My 65kg weight (from 71kg)

My brother's job

Here is to a better and dream fulfilling 2010. merry x-mas folks and happy new year. Whatever you do, do not forget the reason for the season. JESUS CHRIST