Friday, January 21, 2011

tagged - a lil late but HEY

So i was tagged by H and P.E.T Projects and Blessing and Him and Her and naijalines and @ilola

The rules are as follows:
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So here goes nothing really:

I have the worst sense of direction ever! I can go to a place ten times and still ask for direction. Infact when I still stayed on the mainland, they removed that celtel billboard you can see on third mainland and I wondered if I was truly on third mainland or lost as usual. LOL

I believe love is life

I hate seeing things in their multiples…it gives me GOOSEBUMPS

I love that my boyfriend writes me poetry

I believe the longer the relationship the less likely it is to lead to marriage

I have the worst menstrual pain ever known to mankind and yet to be unraveled by doctors

I believe that God answereth by fire

I am sure everyone has done this so....

Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 ...renewed hope

2010 promised so much and delivered so not as much.

I wept emotionally and financially
Discouragement, disappointment and depression were my companions

There were days i had no cash...literally in my purse or in the bank
Salaries were delayed and not even paid out-rightly for three months stretch
my younger brother couldn't return to money to pay his fees
I was called from the office one day that my dad was found unconscious at home
my 6 year relationship crumbled

Misfortunes came in triples

it poured

all gloom..all doom

But i trusted God
I remembered everything he has done for me in the past
I called upon him
and he answered
He showed me great and mighty things i couldn't dare dream of
He showed me i wasn't alone
He gave me triple for my troubles
laughter for every tear

I couldn't ask for a more perfect end to the year
Indeed God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow

This year, i am hoping to be more true to him
Pay my tithe regularly
Have my devotional everyday
go to church and mid week service regularly, etc

If you are going through a hard time at the moment
just hang in there
God is able
and shall give you joy for your mourning
Just the way morning comes after night without fail

Happy 2011
Keep the faith