Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Still in Abuja

Still in Abuja and it has been a mini vacation. Work does not resume till 9 and by 5.30 at the latest i am back to the hotel room.

Free food can be a bitch as awoof they really run belle...haven't put on weight though cuz i go to the gym every day.

My BFF just flew in from the UK..cant wait to see her

I miss my boyfriend..but his sisters (here in Abuja) have done a good job of spoiling me

There seem to be a lot of money in this town...some of my friends, with no clear source of income are living really big

The men are big time ashewos..them no dey use eye see yallow, fine girl.

Cant believe next weekend is Christmas...it just hasn't caught on..might be because i am not in Lagos tho

My parents are traveling..am sorta excited to spend xmas without all them family reunion stuff for once

This year has been the most sporadic year of my life..honestly..i'v had ups and downs..highs and lows..peaks and valleys....

but am really grateful that i am in a great place emotionally and financially at the moment

Merry Xmas

Monday, November 8, 2010


I don’t need a mirror to tell me that i have put on so much weight...earlier in the year i lost so much weight that my shoe size dropped from 40 to 39..i went to dress sizes down (from a 12 to an 8). But the weight is back again...i guess i have enjoyed one romantic dinner to many, i am somewhere between a ten and a twelve (UK) now and my size 8 shirts do not fit again.. sad..i am thinking of paying for pro flex gym for a month.kai! but the money....either ways dieting begins today.

For those of you that called on me to redeem myself, i tried this weekend o! Made goat meat pepper soup and fried rice and i guess it came out well. The boyfriend was pleased (dont think he had the pepper soup though)

In totally unrelated news, i got this call from some strange dude last week, after introducing himself, he said my cousin who is his mutual friend gave me his number, that he is looking for a girl to settle down from his(my) village and i came in highly recommended, that how old am I? That he doesn’t want anyone above 28...i laughed and said i wasn’t in the market and hung up...the next day my cousin called me and pleaded with me to just meet the guy, blab la, after giving him a piece of my mind for giving my number out without consent and blab la, i agreed to hang out with this dude..

So come Friday, he asks that we do dinner, i say no lunch and he says where i say chose..he settled for sweet sensation...i am not a fan..but hey, .anyways got there some mins before him, immediately he walks in and locates me, he says he is starving and practically runs to the counter leaving me behind. I have never been so amazed or laughed so hard my entire life..no need to bore you all with the date, but il summarize by saying he would never ever pick up the phone to call me again.

This week, i am off to Abuja for a month project..so no driving, no Lagos stress, waking up at 4.30 or traffic for me..for one whole month...i hope the hotel has a gym though..

Be safe and blessed people

Friday, October 29, 2010

Mini update

Two week back, I decided to cook for the boyfriend, to reciprocate his “many” kind acts. Before then, I had only made yam & eggs & for him, which is his best meal actually.
I wasn’t up for chopping stuff, so fried rice was outta it, so I decided to cook white rice, turkey stew and plantain.
Had grilled the turkey, cooked the rice, was making the stew….when I slept off.. . The stew was burnt black, he ate it like that though, but I couldn’t even manage to eat it..he had to buy me dinner later..since then i have been feeling kinda weird.

Just decided to do a mini update, I am stressed out at the moment.

I need a new job..if your company is looking for a chartered accountant, or a financial consultant hola @ me…

Have a good weekend people

P.S is it true that there is a sallah holiday again in November?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Insulating my heart

So the writer of one of the very few non 9ja blogs I read has been going through the aftermath of a failed relationship, which reminds me of the ordeal of literally feeling your heart breaking, the physical pain, the endless tears, the feeling inadequate, the depression, the discouragement, the disappointment.

Heartbreak is an awful thing…it is not what one can even wish an enemy…

But the good news is that it always passes…..just the way morning never fails to show up after every night.

When falling in love…it is always advisable to insulate your heart, to remember that always is not forever, I guess that may help lessen the inevitable ache if things don’t go as planned.

Every heart should be insulated….

….I know that….

Iv failed at this

I am falling for him already

It is kinda hard not to fall for a man that loves me (selflessly, generously, words fail me, so I will summarize it by saying) just right

What exactly is the point of love, if you don’t fall face flat into it completely without inhibition????

The point I am trying to make is that am really happy…I could get drunk on it..

How y’all doing?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

*showing my face*

Just got back from a one week vacation with the boyfriend and it was fun all the way. All my previous vacations since i started work was either for professional exams or grand ma's burial or nysc passing out. This was my first real vacation in 4 years...

Back to work and too much to deal with...I HATE WORK...Pls when is the Sallah break again?

Trust y'all are good...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Open letter to the EX

Dear You,

It is with great joy in my heart and overwhelming gratitude to God that I write you this letter.

I am so happy because I am whole again, my heart is healed and I am OVER YOU. It is amazing because only last month (June), I was scared that it will never happen. Time does heal every wound for real and morning definitely comes after every night. God is indeed awesome.

Looking back to how much I suffered from January to June, how I wept, wished, prayed, hoped and all I just sigh. However, I forgive myself for all those unnecessary and wasted emotions because you were everything that love represented in my life plus it just felt so right. So right that I dint give margin for error, I dint hedge for uncertainty, I guess that is what made it harder to deal with.

I don’t know the exact day I got over you, I just realized sometime towards the end of June, that I had gone an entire week plus without thinking about you at all, and I had been happy for a while without knowing it, depression, discouragement, disappointment were suddenly foreign to me (tres amazing considering how they had been my companion for the first half of the year).

Am so grateful for everything July has been to me. It has been an amazing way to start the 2nd half of the year and if it is any indication, 2010 is gonna end as a blast for me.
Thanks for your call yesterday, thanks for the invite to see your new house, am sure it is great and beautiful but I’l pass, thanks for missing me, I kinda don’t miss you at all, sorry. Thanks for praying for me, may heavens answer (Amen). I wish you the very best in life.

P.S thanks all for your well wishes, prayers and comments and on my last post, when I said I wanted this relationship to be shorter than the 6 years of my first relationship, I wasn’t being pessimistic, I actually meant the dating process, una no want make I marry? LOL

Monday, July 5, 2010

New Relationship???

So after 6 months of hanging out and stuff, i am thinking it is time ND and I become a “couple” officially....hopefully this relationship will be shorter than the 6 years of my first relationship....

So this is the point that you wish me luck...

Happy July.

Friday, July 2, 2010

"Free therapy- Honesty Meme"

So i was tagged by sting to do this....so here goes nothing really:

1. Right now i'm feeling....beautiful…braided my hair with black extensions for the first time (i used to feel i was too light complexioned to do this) and i'v been getting compliments everywhere. LOL.

2. When i'm alone i feel....lonely, which is really annoying cuz you see, I used to be this girl that could stay by herself and read novels and watch series all week long….when did this change?

3. When i'm surrounded by people i feel.....crowded; if they are not people I particularly care about, but when surrounded by my people feel happy or indifferent really..depends on my mood I guess.

4. One thing i hate is...pretense

5. One thing i really like about myself is .....my heart, I think I have a big, forgiving and accommodating heart…I am literally unable to hold a grudge…that’s me

6. When i'm feeling sad I...... just cry my heart…its so therapeutic

7. When i daydream it's usually about.......perfect, faultless love. lol

8. I'm afraid of.....not attaining destiny / living a purposeless life

9. I'm happiest when......things go the way I envision

10. One thing that really worries me is .... making the wrong choices for very crucial issues

11. If i could change one thing about myself it would be.....my dentition

12. If i could be with anyone right now I would be with.... “thinking”

13. The family member i am closest to is........my younger brother

14. If i was really honest with my father I would tell him....I love him and I wish him long life to walk me down the aisle and see my children

15. One thing i regret about my life is ......i don’t do regrets

16. If i only had one more day to live I would......pray and ensure am right with God so that I can spend eternity in heaven

17. If i was really honest with my mother i would tell her.....I luv her, I appreciate her sacrifices and I hope I make much more money quick to give her the life she truly deserves

18. One thing about me that nobody knows is.......my ability to forsee the future …or at least some events in the future…its scary to me…so I don’t share with anybody

19. I hope that someday in the future.....I will make heaven

20. When i think about my family I feel.....loved, lucky and blessed,

21. Something i'm really embarrassed about is......my love or need for attention (restricted to the boyfriend though)

22. One thing about me i never want to change is.....my ability to forgive anything and everything….its truly amazing

23. One thing i feel really proud of it.....my intelligence and determination.

24. Blogsville has helped me to.....vent anonymously

25. One thing i like about blogsville is...... a family.

Monday, June 28, 2010

So is it ok to

1. Say "i luv you " to your boyfriend of 6 months (if you actually luv him) but he has never said the words to you and you aint sure if he does.

2. Ask how your boyfriend of 6 months, if he is luv with you or how he feels about you generally

Apart from saying if its ok, i'd like to know if its something you can do too....


P.S. am not in luv with anybody, i dont even have a boyfriend yet, am still hanging out with Nd but no commitments yet cuz his lifestyle is arghhhh....but am having fun

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TI where art thou?

I'm talkin' big boy rides
and big boy ice
Let me put this big boy in yo life


Moving on, thanks y’all for all the encouragement in the last post, really made me feel better.
The birthday was simple, quiet and boring. It rained that morning; I went to church, cooked afterwards and some friends dropped by. Hopefully next year I’l be in a better place emotionally and financially for the big “25”.
Life is a vicious cycle. It goes round and round as long as you keep doing the same thing. You will never get a different result. That said, I also believe people can never change. I saw this somewhere “Love is never about hurting another person – no matter how sorry everyone is afterwards”. I’l elaborate in my next post.

Meanwhile have y’all voted for the blogsville awards..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I'l be 24 next week sunday...

I had a party for my 16th birthday..
Just got admission into Uni..there was every reason to be happy...

I remember vividly when i was turning 18...
O! what a great day that was, i was looking forward to being adult
I was all excited and i had a great time
Received my first kiss on that day

Then i turned 20...i was on the verge of writing my final exams
Excited about the labor market and the thoughts of no school was so exciting

Then i turned 22...
I had just bought my car..
Had a good job
Was making progress with my professional exams

Then i turned 23...
Got qualified professionally
Got promoted at the office
Life was super exciting

And now am turning 24
2010 has not been what i hoped for
First quarter was pretty banged up
Too many dashed hopes
Too many unfulfilled dreams
One nightmare too many
The melt down is catching up
Seems like time is racing
and am just still
Like a spectator
Am just in a messed up place emotionally & financially
But then there is:
still God
Still life
Still hope
Still a job
Still a pay check
Still a car
Still a home
Still family
Still friends
Still blogfam
Still ND
and i'l
still be turning 24!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Update + randomness

I have sorta lost my blogging mojo so i'l just do a question and answer session like BBB..for my next post..

You can ask me...any question..in the comments session or mail to dolchic@gmail.com and i'l answer honestly in my next post...


Got out of my relationship in January

Right now..am just having mad fun free lancing...


I am considering going into a newrelationship (with ND)..i'l decide after my birthday ...

ND is someone i'v known since 2005...been on and off on my case...cute, tall guy, good job, small money..LOL.. he is however not my usual kind of guy...he is kinda on the fast lane..but am loving the spontaneity, the fun, the parties, the dancing and he gives the word romance another meaning..i think i need the excitement jare

Having an exam free 2010..no books...no lectures..no reading...i kinda miss it

i'v had two job offers since Jan....finding it really hard to leave here but i think its time

I am still loosing weight! my appetite these days is practically zero

Emptied my account to decorate / re-model my room - this singular action alarmed my father because (according to him) its an indication that marriage is not in the cards...but am loving the new look of the room

Attended an ex- toaster's wedding on Friday

Met with the ex's ex on Sunday

My birthday is in 5 weeks - still trying to figure out the ultimate gift for myself

and lest i forget, i joined twitter

Monday, February 15, 2010

My first “single” valentine in 7 years”

Yup…2010…my first valentine as a single lady in 7 years…had fun…had two valentine dates...woke up at 7..went to church with my first valentine..then he cooked and served lunch (he took out the lights and lit those scented candles ish) and we gisted. He gave me perfume, cards and chocolate..

Had candle light Chinese dinner with "D" my 2nd val…got perfume, cards and chocolate too (like they consulted themselves)….
It was his birthday..i got him birthday cards (2 actually)

The high point of the day for me was when D’s friend came over to say hi while we were having dinner…and he goes “M meet……” bobo could not remember my name…(this is someone that has known me since 2005 and has been on and off on my case since then o!) he was embarrassed…funny enough, I wasn’t…I just looked on in silence….his friend left after making small conversation…he kept cracking his head and remembered in like 15 mins…spent the rest of the night apologizing to me…I wasn’t mad…but decided to let him sweat it out by keeping mum...was too tired to converse anyways

So much traffic on the Island..got home late…

Gave all the chocolates to my brothers…am loving my recent weight loss ….dont want to mess it up…

I wore a UK size 8 dress yesterday. ..!!!! I’v been a size 12 at some point o!

Dint buy no valentine gift for nobody...yes yes

So that’s how I spent my vals…

Valentine, 2011, who knows maybe I’l be married…maybe I’l be in a serious relationship…maybe I’l be single…maybe I’l be nursing a broken heart, maybe I’l be on the mend..MAYBE..whateva!

Today, just heard a good news and am kinda high infact drunk on the goodness, mercies and compassion of the Lord, who giveth without adding sorrow..i'l share later

Piss on y'all

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Father, now it seems inexplicable
It is painful; it is hard; almost unbearable
But i know it wont kill me.
The only way it will take me is forward

I am sure that on the day i wear the white dress...
I'l be properly grateful for today.