Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Still in Abuja

Still in Abuja and it has been a mini vacation. Work does not resume till 9 and by 5.30 at the latest i am back to the hotel room.

Free food can be a bitch as awoof they really run belle...haven't put on weight though cuz i go to the gym every day.

My BFF just flew in from the UK..cant wait to see her

I miss my boyfriend..but his sisters (here in Abuja) have done a good job of spoiling me

There seem to be a lot of money in this town...some of my friends, with no clear source of income are living really big

The men are big time ashewos..them no dey use eye see yallow, fine girl.

Cant believe next weekend is Christmas...it just hasn't caught on..might be because i am not in Lagos tho

My parents are traveling..am sorta excited to spend xmas without all them family reunion stuff for once

This year has been the most sporadic year of my life..honestly..i'v had ups and downs..highs and lows..peaks and valleys....

but am really grateful that i am in a great place emotionally and financially at the moment

Merry Xmas