Monday, November 8, 2010


I don’t need a mirror to tell me that i have put on so much weight...earlier in the year i lost so much weight that my shoe size dropped from 40 to 39..i went to dress sizes down (from a 12 to an 8). But the weight is back again...i guess i have enjoyed one romantic dinner to many, i am somewhere between a ten and a twelve (UK) now and my size 8 shirts do not fit again.. sad..i am thinking of paying for pro flex gym for a month.kai! but the money....either ways dieting begins today.

For those of you that called on me to redeem myself, i tried this weekend o! Made goat meat pepper soup and fried rice and i guess it came out well. The boyfriend was pleased (dont think he had the pepper soup though)

In totally unrelated news, i got this call from some strange dude last week, after introducing himself, he said my cousin who is his mutual friend gave me his number, that he is looking for a girl to settle down from his(my) village and i came in highly recommended, that how old am I? That he doesn’t want anyone above 28...i laughed and said i wasn’t in the market and hung up...the next day my cousin called me and pleaded with me to just meet the guy, blab la, after giving him a piece of my mind for giving my number out without consent and blab la, i agreed to hang out with this dude..

So come Friday, he asks that we do dinner, i say no lunch and he says where i say chose..he settled for sweet sensation...i am not a fan..but hey, .anyways got there some mins before him, immediately he walks in and locates me, he says he is starving and practically runs to the counter leaving me behind. I have never been so amazed or laughed so hard my entire need to bore you all with the date, but il summarize by saying he would never ever pick up the phone to call me again.

This week, i am off to Abuja for a month no driving, no Lagos stress, waking up at 4.30 or traffic for me..for one whole month...i hope the hotel has a gym though..

Be safe and blessed people