Friday, September 17, 2010

Insulating my heart

So the writer of one of the very few non 9ja blogs I read has been going through the aftermath of a failed relationship, which reminds me of the ordeal of literally feeling your heart breaking, the physical pain, the endless tears, the feeling inadequate, the depression, the discouragement, the disappointment.

Heartbreak is an awful thing…it is not what one can even wish an enemy…

But the good news is that it always passes…..just the way morning never fails to show up after every night.

When falling in love…it is always advisable to insulate your heart, to remember that always is not forever, I guess that may help lessen the inevitable ache if things don’t go as planned.

Every heart should be insulated….

….I know that….

Iv failed at this

I am falling for him already

It is kinda hard not to fall for a man that loves me (selflessly, generously, words fail me, so I will summarize it by saying) just right

What exactly is the point of love, if you don’t fall face flat into it completely without inhibition????

The point I am trying to make is that am really happy…I could get drunk on it..

How y’all doing?