Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TI where art thou?

I'm talkin' big boy rides
and big boy ice
Let me put this big boy in yo life


Moving on, thanks y’all for all the encouragement in the last post, really made me feel better.
The birthday was simple, quiet and boring. It rained that morning; I went to church, cooked afterwards and some friends dropped by. Hopefully next year I’l be in a better place emotionally and financially for the big “25”.
Life is a vicious cycle. It goes round and round as long as you keep doing the same thing. You will never get a different result. That said, I also believe people can never change. I saw this somewhere “Love is never about hurting another person – no matter how sorry everyone is afterwards”. I’l elaborate in my next post.

Meanwhile have y’all voted for the blogsville awards..