Monday, October 27, 2008

5Is then am MIA

I keep only neat naira notes in my wallet; for the scruffy ones I keep them in a brown envelope which I carry in my handbag

I am a perpetual hoarder of change. For some strange reasons I find it very hard to spend change (the neat ones by the way) except if am boxed to the corner. At the end of last year I had about ten thousand naira in 20s, 10s and 50s

I luv reading – preferably fiction. I can read for 12 hours without moving from the spot

I hate all forms of swallow foods – pounded yam, amala, cereals of all kind

I am addicted to series – my best remains one tree hill followed closely by prison break

I wash underwear once in a month on environmental Saturdays precisely to the exasperation of my mother (she claims no man will tolerate that) I have a laundry basket which underwear goes to. I like to blame my busy schedule for it but I know it’s a dirty habit and I’l put it on my list of New Year resolution next year

The offer for the bank job I mentioned earlier lapses today. So I guess I won’t be changing jobs.

I will be MIA for about 4 weeks. My exams are in 3 weeks. I am on study leave so no blogging for me in the interim….

P.S I wonder what happened to risquediva, Naija chickito, the way they stopped blogging did not seem right. I just hope they are still breathing cuz if something happens to any anonymous blogger like death how would blogville know (just a thought); even Afro has been MIA for a while now

Monday, October 20, 2008

What if?

When you luv someone so much that your definition of luv becomes the person and you know the person luvs you even more and has shown it a million and one times by words and actions?
Is it wrong to be tired not of the person or the luv but of the issues that trail the person?
Is it wrong to feel bugged down by the issues that are yours by virtue of being in luv with someone?
What if the memories of the time were there were no issues kept teasing you?
What if you can’t stop wondering why the issues with the one you luv seems to be endless?
What if you felt like walking away from it all?
What if the world is beckoning?
What if there were numerous toasters out there that seem to be offering you an issueless life?
But you know if you walk away you will never get to the point that you will stop worrying about his welfare, if he coping with the issues well, If he is eating, if he is breathing?
What if you will miss him so much and you are not sure that you will luv another much or another will luv you that much?
Is this fear of the unknown or a prisoner of Luv?
Jesus help with the issues Please!!!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

No appealing title its just random

When I went to do comprehensive medicals for the bank job I spoke about earlier (for those who asked I haven’t declined the offer, so the jury is still out) the results said I was AA (genotype) I’ve done this test previously and the results said AA then the lab technician called me the next day to say there was a mix up and that I was AS, I just accepted it anyways. So after the new result I decided to do the test in 2 different hospitals again and the result came out as AA.

All these years I’ve been thinking I was AS, iv taken important decisions that affect my life (who to date, etc based on that. Am a little irritated but thankful sha.

Last week Boo’s kid sister (16 yrs) was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. They decided to seek a second and third specialist opinion and the results of the last two said it wasn’t tuberculosis that what the first Dr saw in the x-ray result was the lungs of an asthmatic patient (the girl is asthmatic). Another medical mistake. Am just thankful cuz the family was already panicking.

For a while, iv been having muscle pull on my left ankle while sleeping, it has happened about 4 times now in the space of 2 months, the last was two days ago and that still hurts, I’ve had to discard my high heels, maybe I should see a doctor about it abi what do u guys think?

Its about 5 weeks to my exams, between my stressful job and reading when I get home till the wee hours of the night, waking up early to beat the traffic, the hellish, unavoidable 3rd mainland bridge, trying to make a decision as regards the future of my career, being a comforter, listener, attention giver and lover to my Boo (who is undergoing a trying time right now), being the dutiful only daughter to my parents and keeping lustful men at arm lengths my life is pretty busy now and hectic. I wouldn’t wish my life as its looking this week on anyone

Have a good week people.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baby am i a prude?

I met my primary school classmate sometime last week, on the Island and he still lives in my area, he works in a global accounting firm (like I do) and for the 30 mins or there about that we talked he made sense, sounded intelligent and all. Anyways we decide to see during this long sallah hols to catch up on old times.
Anyways on Monday I went to his house, and we go to the bedroom, no chair, so we sit on the bed and before you can say Jack Robinson this individual started hitting on me big time – Sexually.

It was just amazing. I mean an individual that I met after 12 0r 13 years and the first opportunity we have to discuss like civilized human beings am being sexually harassed. Does going to a guy’s house suggest or imply that you want to have sex with him. I mean it wasn’t like I was indecently dressed; I wore jeans shorts and t-shirt. Anyways I tried to tell him civilly that I wasn’t that type of girl, the idiot actually thought I was fronting and intensified his pursuit. I had to fight him off and almost gave him some slaps before he could leave me alone. Then he called me a PRUDE
I was so irritated I had to talk to someone so I called Boo later in the day and went “this morning I went to see my primary skl friend I found last week at his place.” I hadn’t even finished the statement when that one sparked “WTF” how can you go to a guy’s place without telling me.. Shoo…we don marry? Ok that was in my mind…in reality I went “ he lives in the neighborhood I just strolled down” this bobo no calm down he went on and on about how what I did was wrong, how it was wrong to go to a man’s house alone, worse off without telling him, I tried to chip in that this fellow was a primary school friend not a toaster; for where he dint listen, he was really mad. How could I then tell him the sexual harassment I faced? He would have said I brought it on myself, so I just kept mum.
But I must have missed out something somewhere in life judging from Boo’s reaction and the idiot of my primary school friend’s attitude going to a man’s house must be an open invitation saying come and screw me….Its so saddening and pathetic, but I guess I’ve learnt my lesson

Anyways to the main gist of the day. An ex-toaster has called me a prude before…this guys made a couple of kissing / smooching advances which I refuted and I liked d guy a lot den. Anyways after this incident that that idiot called me a prude again I had to go check the dictionary for the meaning. It means Someone who is overly concerned with decorum and propriety, uncomfortable with sexuality, nudity, drug use or mischief

After reading that I wasn’t too sure if it was a good thing or not, the more I thought about it the more I hated being thought of or called a prude

So I called Boo this morning: “baby do you think am a prude?” and he goes “wow where did that come from?” and I go “just answer” And he goes NO, not at all baby you are fire….LOL and I am like serious I need to know
Anyways long and short according to him its hard to figure me out, I am like a chameleon, sometimes I wear my effiko profile, sometimes party wild girl, other times shy don’t touch me girl. But that after being with me for this long he can say I am a very cautious person and that it takes me time to relax with a guy and loose my inhibitions but when I do I am like a bird let out of the cage…so his answer is NOT REALLY. I guess I should be happy that I am not dulling this young man but am not sure what I really wanted to hear or if I am thrilled being on any side ( the prude side or the Not really prude side)