Friday, October 29, 2010

Mini update

Two week back, I decided to cook for the boyfriend, to reciprocate his “many” kind acts. Before then, I had only made yam & eggs & for him, which is his best meal actually.
I wasn’t up for chopping stuff, so fried rice was outta it, so I decided to cook white rice, turkey stew and plantain.
Had grilled the turkey, cooked the rice, was making the stew….when I slept off.. . The stew was burnt black, he ate it like that though, but I couldn’t even manage to eat it..he had to buy me dinner later..since then i have been feeling kinda weird.

Just decided to do a mini update, I am stressed out at the moment.

I need a new job..if your company is looking for a chartered accountant, or a financial consultant hola @ me…

Have a good weekend people

P.S is it true that there is a sallah holiday again in November?