Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2 weeks plus of married life

Yesterday, My dad passed through my office.

The man is obviously missing me evident by the way he hugged me (everybody know Daddy isn't a hugger)

He also said i miss knows daddy shows no emotions)

I teared up a bit

I miss all of them (daddy, mummy, brothers) too

I now think of my husband's house as my home

I am settling in just fine

the fact that the house is really beautiful doesn't hurt

Sleeping and waking up in his arms every night is the real ish

the late night chats under the duvet

the watching tv and cuddling

eating together in the kitchen

dressing up for work in the morning whilst making small talk


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project wedding

Sealed, Stamped & Delivered

I am extremely grateful for amazing friends. I did not even know I had it this good.

BFF 1 – Flew in from the UK, came to the village for my trad, spent the entire day waiting on me, dancing with me, picking up sprayed money in 4 inch shoes, followed me to Benin the evening after the trad, followed me to Lagos and helped with the last week planning of the white. This amazing friend also bought my wedding shoes when I complained about how stressed I was finding shoes for white and trad and also helped me through my last minutes jitters. Amazing doesn’t quite cut it. Thanks T

BFF 2 – Also my chief bridesmaid, did all the market runs with me, helped with a lot of the coordination, entered an unfortunate bus, spent 12 hours on the road and almost got raped just to be with me for my trad. Spent the whole day waiting on me and followed me to Benin as well the evening of the trad took a whole weeks leave from work to support me.
Kept the train of my dress properly arranged all through the ceremony

Thanks W….can’t wait to return the favour in three months when you would be getting married

My brothers – they definitely did not sit down for one second on both days. Love you guys

And a whole lot of other amazing friends who helped with asoebi distribution, calls, prayers, text and blackberry messages, graced the occasion and of course

BLOGFAM; Thanks for being part of this amazing journey