Monday, February 15, 2010

My first “single” valentine in 7 years”

Yup…2010…my first valentine as a single lady in 7 years…had fun…had two valentine dates...woke up at 7..went to church with my first valentine..then he cooked and served lunch (he took out the lights and lit those scented candles ish) and we gisted. He gave me perfume, cards and chocolate..

Had candle light Chinese dinner with "D" my 2nd val…got perfume, cards and chocolate too (like they consulted themselves)….
It was his birthday..i got him birthday cards (2 actually)

The high point of the day for me was when D’s friend came over to say hi while we were having dinner…and he goes “M meet……” bobo could not remember my name…(this is someone that has known me since 2005 and has been on and off on my case since then o!) he was embarrassed…funny enough, I wasn’t…I just looked on in silence….his friend left after making small conversation…he kept cracking his head and remembered in like 15 mins…spent the rest of the night apologizing to me…I wasn’t mad…but decided to let him sweat it out by keeping mum...was too tired to converse anyways

So much traffic on the home late…

Gave all the chocolates to my brothers…am loving my recent weight loss ….dont want to mess it up…

I wore a UK size 8 dress yesterday. ..!!!! I’v been a size 12 at some point o!

Dint buy no valentine gift for nobody...yes yes

So that’s how I spent my vals…

Valentine, 2011, who knows maybe I’l be married…maybe I’l be in a serious relationship…maybe I’l be single…maybe I’l be nursing a broken heart, maybe I’l be on the mend..MAYBE..whateva!

Today, just heard a good news and am kinda high infact drunk on the goodness, mercies and compassion of the Lord, who giveth without adding sorrow..i'l share later

Piss on y'all