Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You vs Him

With you I am happy but incomplete…

You spoil me with Tender Loving Care, you understand me, you know what I am capable of, You I can tell my every thought, express my every desire.

With you i am not self conscious, with you I can be myself, with you I discovered the joys of loving someone when the person loves you back

You are so romantic, so selfless, so giving, you know the right words to say, the right way to say it and how to make a girl feel special


You have raised your hand to hit me twice, you are over possessive, you are insecure, you have family issues, you have no job, you have no income, your upbringing is the opposite of mine, you have a lackadaisical approach to important things, you never took your studies seriously, you don’t understand my job and my career aspirations….

when I look at You, all I see is a man I luv, a man with no potentials

With Him I am happy but incomplete

He is a good Christian, he has a job, he is intelligent, he is focused and driven, his upbringing is at par with mine, he is sweet, he is decent, he is a gentleman.

He draws me close to God, he makes me laugh, he is caring and loving, he is kind and selfless

Him, I can look up to for spiritual, financial and on the job guidance since we are in the same industry

With him, I am not who I am but who I want to be


He is not as tall as you are, he is not as romantic as you are; he is not spontaneous like you, he doesn’t make me cry like you, he doesn’t know me like you do, he has no idea what I am capable of doing

When I look at him, I see a man I can fall in luv with, a man with potentials but a man that is not YOU