Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I'l be 24 next week sunday...

I had a party for my 16th birthday..
Just got admission into Uni..there was every reason to be happy...

I remember vividly when i was turning 18...
O! what a great day that was, i was looking forward to being adult
I was all excited and i had a great time
Received my first kiss on that day

Then i turned 20...i was on the verge of writing my final exams
Excited about the labor market and the thoughts of no school was so exciting

Then i turned 22...
I had just bought my car..
Had a good job
Was making progress with my professional exams

Then i turned 23...
Got qualified professionally
Got promoted at the office
Life was super exciting

And now am turning 24
2010 has not been what i hoped for
First quarter was pretty banged up
Too many dashed hopes
Too many unfulfilled dreams
One nightmare too many
The melt down is catching up
Seems like time is racing
and am just still
Like a spectator
Am just in a messed up place emotionally & financially
But then there is:
still God
Still life
Still hope
Still a job
Still a pay check
Still a car
Still a home
Still family
Still friends
Still blogfam
Still ND
and i'l
still be turning 24!