Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I'l be 24 next week sunday...

I had a party for my 16th birthday..
Just got admission into Uni..there was every reason to be happy...

I remember vividly when i was turning 18...
O! what a great day that was, i was looking forward to being adult
I was all excited and i had a great time
Received my first kiss on that day

Then i turned 20...i was on the verge of writing my final exams
Excited about the labor market and the thoughts of no school was so exciting

Then i turned 22...
I had just bought my car..
Had a good job
Was making progress with my professional exams

Then i turned 23...
Got qualified professionally
Got promoted at the office
Life was super exciting

And now am turning 24
2010 has not been what i hoped for
First quarter was pretty banged up
Too many dashed hopes
Too many unfulfilled dreams
One nightmare too many
The melt down is catching up
Seems like time is racing
and am just still
Like a spectator
Am just in a messed up place emotionally & financially
But then there is:
still God
Still life
Still hope
Still a job
Still a pay check
Still a car
Still a home
Still family
Still friends
Still blogfam
Still ND
and i'l
still be turning 24!


Nice Anon said...

Happy birthday to you. Have a great one


happy birthday sweetie!!! I hoep the rest of the year turns out better than the first quarter.

You'll be fine.

neefemi said...

Happy birthday...there will be a turn around and the rest of the year will be GREAT!!!

Jojolewa said...

Happy Birthday dearie...things will get better most definitely

Sting said...

Happy Birthday, lovie!

Fabulo-la said...

Happy birthday!

Its only April.
It can still get better

downtheaisle said...

babe u know what, u said it already...there's still God.
In the midst of all this God is still here.
Happy birthday in advance...

Nutty J. said...

Happy Birthday girl....

There is still God


Happy Birthday girl. Don't worry, e go better :)

Naijalines said...

I can identify with the 'still' thing. It's feeling stuck but knowing what to be thankful for.

I've been lazy in the blog rounds but I do read. Happy birthday Missy. Have a good one. Believe me your wonderful life is just starting and there's a lot to look forward to, still.

BBB said...

yes love
the year is still fresh
still so much to accomplish
take it easy

Evee said...

Happy Birthday. Many more years and may all your dreams come true

yankeenaijababe said...

Happy birthday in advance, hang in tight, looking for more opportunities right, maybe start a business or something, new is always exciting.

Myne Whitman said...

Happy Birthday in advance, this is just the beginning and I like your still...It will surely work out. Take care.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

happy birthday in arears.
There is still God and hope the year turns out well

Andrea said...

This year will get better by the grace of God.

QMoney said...

for a second there,i thought u wanted to talk about the series....lol

the melt down hasn't finished in this coutry?God help us ooh,we shall continue to fast and pray then.......so who is ND????am i d only one that noticed that??

happy birthday dear!!!!

2cute4u said...

Happy Birthday dear..
Considering everything,You still have so much to be grateful to God for yet I can understand the dissatisfaction.
May you have the love peace progress,favour and satisfaction you so deserve.

2cute4u said...

Happy Birthday dear..
Considering everything,You still have so much to be grateful to God for yet I can understand the dissatisfaction.
May you have the love peace progress,favour and satisfaction you so deserve.

~Sirius~ said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

I'm trying hard to remember when I turned 24.....LOL

I saw the title and my mind went straight to Jack Bauer.......hehehehe

Lets called this the calm before the storm.

Better get ready to leap in ways you haven't imagined.

Anonymous said...

happy b.day in advance. dont worry d yr isnt over yet. funny.. i also thot d post was abt jack bauer

aeedeeaee said...

Hy happy Birthday, gurl! Lemme loan you my favorite quote: Dum spiro, spero...have fun!

rethots said...

...the only convenient thing we can always do in all situation is to be thankful to Him.

Once upon a time you were young, now you are......

Suru said...

Happy Birthday!!!

sosexy said...

You still on top babe!
Happy birthday!

~Sirius~ said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie..........Wanted to call, then i realized I had no number....:-)

So i guess you can accept this as a cyber call...hope your day went/is going well....(it is still today)

aloted said...

like ~sirus~ i thot this post was about jack bauer...lol

hope u had a great birthday.

God dey!!

Sunshyne said...

Happy buffday...

I think @ 24 u have obviously achieved a lot.

I promised myself to be through with school (Bsc) at 24. Thanks to ASUU & all I missed it by 1 day.

Looks like things are going your way, and will only contine to.

I am fast approaching 30 and I can really identify with you....howver altough my progress might be slow, i will neva trade this life for another.

Summary of my life.

Grad 24
Served 25-26
Started working 26
first Car 26
2nd car (first 1 was a scrab) 27
currently 29
Un-married....plan to jump the broom b4 30...(I havent met her yet)

Uzezi said...

worry urself not cos this year has a bag full of nice surprises for you. believe it. might be today, might be tomorrow, but it will surely come. Happy Birthday

Chi-Chi said...

Haven't been here in a while~~
but I sure love this post
Happy birthday : )

Daylight said...

Enjoy where you are. 2010 isn't too far gone and good things still happen!
And Happy Birthday!