Monday, September 3, 2012

Life is truly in Phases

wow...its been four months since i last posted and seven months of marriage

where did all the time go....????

Over the long salah holiday holiday i had time to wonder

I dated my ex for a little over 6 years and i cant remember much the life we had together. I tried to remember life, love and all that before the hubs and its all hazy

After 6 years of working in one place after graduation i resumed at a new place on the 2nd of July. i was nervous and apprehensive, understably, seeing that i'd worked at only one place all my life, but i'm settling real good. i went for lunch earlier today and drove past my former and office and i struggled to remember how it felt to work there and it was all hazy and blurry.

I used to read some blogs about marriage before i got married but there was this particular one i couldnt help but feel the author was going out of her way to convince us (the readers) that her life and her marriage was perfect. I remember always thinking this is fiction i feel like i'm in the same shoes which is why i'm probably not blogging regularly (plus settling down into work).....

Either ways, i can't hide from the fact that i'm having an amazing year both Emotionally and seems sureal most times.

So i'm trying to enjoy my money, my hubs and status quo before the family expands and another phase of life begins.

Speaking of babies....i'v never been the type to fawn over younger brother is 20 and he's the last born so i'v not really been around children, plus anytime i hang out with my one of my close friend that's a mother, her son literarilly drives me crazy, he's favorite word on earth is mummy and he can say it one million times, as soon as he notices his mom is not paying him attention. But these days the motherly feeling is creeping on me and its pleasant, i even close my eyes and imagine my children's face.

I'v started praying about it though, for God to bless the hubs and I with good and healthy children (when we are ready); even if its to pay me in Kind, because i believe i was the model kid, focused on my studies and God whilst i was growing up and did not give my parents head or heartaches.

P.S thanks to those that checked up on me via comments and email.