Monday, September 22, 2008

Reflecting on my life

Iv kept a prayer journal/ spiritual diary since 2005 cuz sometimes I ask God for things and I forget to be grateful enough or I forget my state of mind or how troubled, needy, desperate I was when I prayed.

Anyways over the weekend I read everything iv written about 50 pages and believe me God has been faithful. Everything I have asked of him he has given me. In 2005 I wanted to have the best result in my academic history and he gave me all A’s and a GP of 5. I wanted to graduate with a certain CGPA and he made it possible, I wanted to pass my ACCA exam and I did, I wanted to get a job immediately after skl and I got it, my NYSC year he took control of all the impromptu and numerous travellings, my boyfriends issues he resolved, our finances at home he has taken care of, my brothers admission has been settled and the list goes on and on. GOD HAS BEEN GOOD TO ME. I luv u Jesus.

Pls people tell me what can I do to my hair? Its light, its short. I have stunted hair growth. Because of the nature of the hair I never leave it unmade, always on braids or weaveon which doesn’t help matters I know, last wk I was so irritated I chopped the thing into half with scissors all by myself to give it sharp ends. I wish I could cut it all off, but am so scared it wont grow back. Maybe I should let the relaxed part fall of then carry it natural. Am so fed up

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Answers & some more

Thanks Y’all for your comment in my last post. (how do I do this link thing self?) This love interest of mine is actually an ex-toaster. When he was asking me out in 2006 I kinda liked him and believe me when I say I like him loads more now than then. He is tall (Not as tall as my boyfriend tho), interesting to talk to (Compared to a lots of guys I know who are just bores! God they should take lessons from him), he has a good job, has a nice ride, looks good and most importantly he is so so so so very very intelligent (am a sucker for intelligent guys who are not too nerdish)

Don’t worry am not going to cheat on my boyfriend, He has a girlfriend now anyways. And I do believe in KARMA. Its just annoying that I can be attracted (you people said its attraction not luv right?) to him for this long. Anyways that is that…

In response to your questions in “Meme about Me” Why did I wait for 4 years before having sex with my boyfriend? We started dating when I was 17 and he was 22. wouldn’t it have been child abuse? LOL. Ok seriously sex I have always believe goes hand in hand with luv. I’v loved him for a long while and I knew he felt the same way but I wanted to be ready; whateva that means.

2nd question; Having waited for that long why not save it till marriage. My dear in a way I’v always wanted to keep my virginity till marriage bed but after our 4th anniversary I began to wonder, what if we don’t make it (I mean marriage) you know sometimes love is not sufficient, what you want is not what you get, man proposes Fate/ God disposes and all that. After all we’v been thru together I dint want anybody else to be my first, besides I had gotten to the point where I wont have any regrets, or wish I could undo the deed, or any such reaction if he had said immediately after sex “DOLL I don’t want you again, this is goodbye”. I was READY. LOL. Though btw me & u: during the 2 wks spotting aftermath I had some regrets. LOL

Today is one of them days when I don’t feel too great. Am lacking clarity as regards what I want to do with my life, I luv my job, the pay is good but the hours are way too long. I have worked for 2 years today (today is my Job anniversary). Last week I got a job at a bank (research and budget planning unit). The pay is 150% increase to my salary. Its unbelievably way too much money for a girl my age I tell you. LOL But the thing is am not exactly sure I want to work in the bank, I know its not marketing or something but it still feels like it’s a wrong move, my job feels wrong, this feels wrong too, I dunno what I want to do with my career, I want to do my own thing cuz this white collar job is not it, but WHAT, WHERE, HOW, Why???? I dunno.

This has got to be my longest post eva. Apologies. Have a gd weekend people.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SO I attended 2 bridal showers this week and its just Wednesday

Am not ready for marriage but these days I seem to always be talking bout marriage. I put the blame 100% on the alarming number of weddings I attended last month and the even scarier number am going to attend this month (all my salary these days goes to aso-ebi for real)No am not ready to be married but 2 many pple around me are getting married.

Anyways back to the main gist I attended 2 bridal showers earlier this week. It was so much fun with the usual girlie things, where did you meet, how and stuff.

Time comes for the married young women in our midst to give advice to the bride to-be. There were about ten married folks and they all spoke at length but one statement was common to all of them: “YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR MAN UNTIL YOU START LIVING WITH HIM” now that is some scary shit. How is it possible that the man you have dated (possibly for a long time), that you love, that loves you, that you have shared so many precious moments with will become a stranger just because you are now living under the same roof????? But for ten of them to say it I guess there must be some truth in it. SCARY DEFINITELY SCARY!!!!

You need to see us the unmarried ones scribbling on our notes like it was some lecture we will be examined on. Anyways with all the impeding marriages in blogville I may as well share what I took away (in my notebook) from this shower.

1. Marry a man that is absolutely crazy bout you (don’t compromise this)
2. All men are babies; pamper them and you will get your way
3. Never deny your husband sex and food even when you guys are not in best of terms (really?)
4. Make a conscious effort not to nag
5. Be submissive (don’t emasculate him)
6. Take care of your body and pay attention to your appearance (gym regularly, eat healthy, plan your meals, wear fine cloth, do fine hair styles etc)
7. Compromise (very important)
8. Be accommodating (if you are the quiet, stay at home person and your is the type that draw crowds, prepare to cook and clean after his friends all weekend; don’t chase him out)
9. Be efficient (house work, cooking, catering, pampering and all that can really be tiring esp. for a working wife)
10. Be prayerful and watchful (the onus is on the woman to not allow the devourer enter your home)
11. Have the mindset of “It will work” and “nothing is unresolvable”