Monday, December 22, 2008

Its been an amazing 2008.

Wonderful unexpected things happened to me this year

Completion of NYSC, job promotion, numerous job offers, ICAN prize, my brother got admission, traveled up and down and came back safely, the whole world got married, and many many more…….


  1. No biting of nails anymore
  2. No encouragement of toasters anymore
  3. Total independence from my parents
  4. Change my church
  5. No storing of undies anymore (LOL)
  6. Pay my tithe regularly
  7. Change jobs before the end of the year
  8. Join a gym in January
  9. Go on a vacation

In 2009 I hope to be a better person to myself, to God, to my employers, to my boyfriend, parents, friends and family.

I pray for more outstanding success in my exams, job, everything (to never blend in with the crowd)

I pray for a miracle for my Boo

I pray I can still buy my new car in January

I pray danfo drivers, okadas and crazy drivers stay the hell away from me

I pray we move into our new home latest to June

I pray I get the relationship with God I crave

I pray for even bigger and more amazing testimonies next year

As regards my last post…for those that wanted my answers here you go…

  1. NO WAY
  2. Was in that situation....
  3. Am in that situation right now
  4. No

Here is wishing all bloggers merry xmas and happy new year. My all expectations for the remaining days of 2008 not be cut shot andmay the new year bring forth much better days IJN

See y’all in 2009.

Much Luv


Monday, December 15, 2008

Have you or can you?....


  1. Date a student?
  2. As a worker (female) date a student (male)? Would your answer be different if you were in school together and you graduated 3 yrs before him due to some factors beyond anyone's control
  3. Date a broke guy? (as in a guy that 70% of the time you have to pick the tabs when you guys go out)?
  4. Can you give you give your boyfriend money? (regularly?)


Sunday, November 30, 2008

She got pregnant

There is this Hausa/ Arab family that used to live about 2 doors away from mine in an uncompleted building. Their dad was the gate man of the building. The woman had about 8 daughters, 3 were married. Being in interested in women issues as I am I took interest in the remaining 4. The oldest Fatima was 13 and her parents were trying to force her to marry a man who had 2 wives (a guard also leaving in one room not too far from my house as well.

Anyways Mumc and I started talking to her mum and prevailed on her to let her daughters go to school, how it was too early for them to marry and etc.

To cut the long story short Fatima felt she was too old to go to school that she would rather learn a trade so voila she started learning how to sew at my Mumc’s school.

The other 4 girls Memunat 10, Miriam 9. Hauwa and her twin (Aisha) both 7 were quite enthusiastic about school. Unfortunately Aisha is crippled polio from birth so that was out of it). Their mum said she needed someone to help her with the household chores Memunat was elected for that so only Hauwa and Miriam could go to school.

Hauwa bless her soul has never disappointed me for one day. She comes to the house over the weekend shows me her school books, reads to me from the reader, brings her result home. She is a real sharp girl

The disappointment was Fatima. She would tell her mum that she is going to my mumc’s shop then go to man’s house. She would leave shop and say she is going home and go to man’s house. We never knew on and on like that until she got pregnant.

We got blamed. There is nothing her mum did not say. We should have let her marry her daughter off then…see now who is going to marry her.. she is now a laughing stock…the woman wept and wept. She took the girl for abortion sha. Now the others may have to stop school and get married. Its so sad and dissapointing

But I guess you can’t win them all

Monday, November 24, 2008


Hey peeps, am back…in full swing…. Exams went well. Praise God!!!!
Am sure a lot happened in my absence. So let me get right to my blog rounds

Monday, October 27, 2008

5Is then am MIA

I keep only neat naira notes in my wallet; for the scruffy ones I keep them in a brown envelope which I carry in my handbag

I am a perpetual hoarder of change. For some strange reasons I find it very hard to spend change (the neat ones by the way) except if am boxed to the corner. At the end of last year I had about ten thousand naira in 20s, 10s and 50s

I luv reading – preferably fiction. I can read for 12 hours without moving from the spot

I hate all forms of swallow foods – pounded yam, amala, cereals of all kind

I am addicted to series – my best remains one tree hill followed closely by prison break

I wash underwear once in a month on environmental Saturdays precisely to the exasperation of my mother (she claims no man will tolerate that) I have a laundry basket which underwear goes to. I like to blame my busy schedule for it but I know it’s a dirty habit and I’l put it on my list of New Year resolution next year

The offer for the bank job I mentioned earlier lapses today. So I guess I won’t be changing jobs.

I will be MIA for about 4 weeks. My exams are in 3 weeks. I am on study leave so no blogging for me in the interim….

P.S I wonder what happened to risquediva, Naija chickito, the way they stopped blogging did not seem right. I just hope they are still breathing cuz if something happens to any anonymous blogger like death how would blogville know (just a thought); even Afro has been MIA for a while now

Monday, October 20, 2008

What if?

When you luv someone so much that your definition of luv becomes the person and you know the person luvs you even more and has shown it a million and one times by words and actions?
Is it wrong to be tired not of the person or the luv but of the issues that trail the person?
Is it wrong to feel bugged down by the issues that are yours by virtue of being in luv with someone?
What if the memories of the time were there were no issues kept teasing you?
What if you can’t stop wondering why the issues with the one you luv seems to be endless?
What if you felt like walking away from it all?
What if the world is beckoning?
What if there were numerous toasters out there that seem to be offering you an issueless life?
But you know if you walk away you will never get to the point that you will stop worrying about his welfare, if he coping with the issues well, If he is eating, if he is breathing?
What if you will miss him so much and you are not sure that you will luv another much or another will luv you that much?
Is this fear of the unknown or a prisoner of Luv?
Jesus help with the issues Please!!!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

No appealing title its just random

When I went to do comprehensive medicals for the bank job I spoke about earlier (for those who asked I haven’t declined the offer, so the jury is still out) the results said I was AA (genotype) I’ve done this test previously and the results said AA then the lab technician called me the next day to say there was a mix up and that I was AS, I just accepted it anyways. So after the new result I decided to do the test in 2 different hospitals again and the result came out as AA.

All these years I’ve been thinking I was AS, iv taken important decisions that affect my life (who to date, etc based on that. Am a little irritated but thankful sha.

Last week Boo’s kid sister (16 yrs) was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. They decided to seek a second and third specialist opinion and the results of the last two said it wasn’t tuberculosis that what the first Dr saw in the x-ray result was the lungs of an asthmatic patient (the girl is asthmatic). Another medical mistake. Am just thankful cuz the family was already panicking.

For a while, iv been having muscle pull on my left ankle while sleeping, it has happened about 4 times now in the space of 2 months, the last was two days ago and that still hurts, I’ve had to discard my high heels, maybe I should see a doctor about it abi what do u guys think?

Its about 5 weeks to my exams, between my stressful job and reading when I get home till the wee hours of the night, waking up early to beat the traffic, the hellish, unavoidable 3rd mainland bridge, trying to make a decision as regards the future of my career, being a comforter, listener, attention giver and lover to my Boo (who is undergoing a trying time right now), being the dutiful only daughter to my parents and keeping lustful men at arm lengths my life is pretty busy now and hectic. I wouldn’t wish my life as its looking this week on anyone

Have a good week people.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baby am i a prude?

I met my primary school classmate sometime last week, on the Island and he still lives in my area, he works in a global accounting firm (like I do) and for the 30 mins or there about that we talked he made sense, sounded intelligent and all. Anyways we decide to see during this long sallah hols to catch up on old times.
Anyways on Monday I went to his house, and we go to the bedroom, no chair, so we sit on the bed and before you can say Jack Robinson this individual started hitting on me big time – Sexually.

It was just amazing. I mean an individual that I met after 12 0r 13 years and the first opportunity we have to discuss like civilized human beings am being sexually harassed. Does going to a guy’s house suggest or imply that you want to have sex with him. I mean it wasn’t like I was indecently dressed; I wore jeans shorts and t-shirt. Anyways I tried to tell him civilly that I wasn’t that type of girl, the idiot actually thought I was fronting and intensified his pursuit. I had to fight him off and almost gave him some slaps before he could leave me alone. Then he called me a PRUDE
I was so irritated I had to talk to someone so I called Boo later in the day and went “this morning I went to see my primary skl friend I found last week at his place.” I hadn’t even finished the statement when that one sparked “WTF” how can you go to a guy’s place without telling me.. Shoo…we don marry? Ok that was in my mind…in reality I went “ he lives in the neighborhood I just strolled down” this bobo no calm down he went on and on about how what I did was wrong, how it was wrong to go to a man’s house alone, worse off without telling him, I tried to chip in that this fellow was a primary school friend not a toaster; for where he dint listen, he was really mad. How could I then tell him the sexual harassment I faced? He would have said I brought it on myself, so I just kept mum.
But I must have missed out something somewhere in life judging from Boo’s reaction and the idiot of my primary school friend’s attitude going to a man’s house must be an open invitation saying come and screw me….Its so saddening and pathetic, but I guess I’ve learnt my lesson

Anyways to the main gist of the day. An ex-toaster has called me a prude before…this guys made a couple of kissing / smooching advances which I refuted and I liked d guy a lot den. Anyways after this incident that that idiot called me a prude again I had to go check the dictionary for the meaning. It means Someone who is overly concerned with decorum and propriety, uncomfortable with sexuality, nudity, drug use or mischief

After reading that I wasn’t too sure if it was a good thing or not, the more I thought about it the more I hated being thought of or called a prude

So I called Boo this morning: “baby do you think am a prude?” and he goes “wow where did that come from?” and I go “just answer” And he goes NO, not at all baby you are fire….LOL and I am like serious I need to know
Anyways long and short according to him its hard to figure me out, I am like a chameleon, sometimes I wear my effiko profile, sometimes party wild girl, other times shy don’t touch me girl. But that after being with me for this long he can say I am a very cautious person and that it takes me time to relax with a guy and loose my inhibitions but when I do I am like a bird let out of the cage…so his answer is NOT REALLY. I guess I should be happy that I am not dulling this young man but am not sure what I really wanted to hear or if I am thrilled being on any side ( the prude side or the Not really prude side)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Reflecting on my life

Iv kept a prayer journal/ spiritual diary since 2005 cuz sometimes I ask God for things and I forget to be grateful enough or I forget my state of mind or how troubled, needy, desperate I was when I prayed.

Anyways over the weekend I read everything iv written about 50 pages and believe me God has been faithful. Everything I have asked of him he has given me. In 2005 I wanted to have the best result in my academic history and he gave me all A’s and a GP of 5. I wanted to graduate with a certain CGPA and he made it possible, I wanted to pass my ACCA exam and I did, I wanted to get a job immediately after skl and I got it, my NYSC year he took control of all the impromptu and numerous travellings, my boyfriends issues he resolved, our finances at home he has taken care of, my brothers admission has been settled and the list goes on and on. GOD HAS BEEN GOOD TO ME. I luv u Jesus.

Pls people tell me what can I do to my hair? Its light, its short. I have stunted hair growth. Because of the nature of the hair I never leave it unmade, always on braids or weaveon which doesn’t help matters I know, last wk I was so irritated I chopped the thing into half with scissors all by myself to give it sharp ends. I wish I could cut it all off, but am so scared it wont grow back. Maybe I should let the relaxed part fall of then carry it natural. Am so fed up

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Answers & some more

Thanks Y’all for your comment in my last post. (how do I do this link thing self?) This love interest of mine is actually an ex-toaster. When he was asking me out in 2006 I kinda liked him and believe me when I say I like him loads more now than then. He is tall (Not as tall as my boyfriend tho), interesting to talk to (Compared to a lots of guys I know who are just bores! God they should take lessons from him), he has a good job, has a nice ride, looks good and most importantly he is so so so so very very intelligent (am a sucker for intelligent guys who are not too nerdish)

Don’t worry am not going to cheat on my boyfriend, He has a girlfriend now anyways. And I do believe in KARMA. Its just annoying that I can be attracted (you people said its attraction not luv right?) to him for this long. Anyways that is that…

In response to your questions in “Meme about Me” Why did I wait for 4 years before having sex with my boyfriend? We started dating when I was 17 and he was 22. wouldn’t it have been child abuse? LOL. Ok seriously sex I have always believe goes hand in hand with luv. I’v loved him for a long while and I knew he felt the same way but I wanted to be ready; whateva that means.

2nd question; Having waited for that long why not save it till marriage. My dear in a way I’v always wanted to keep my virginity till marriage bed but after our 4th anniversary I began to wonder, what if we don’t make it (I mean marriage) you know sometimes love is not sufficient, what you want is not what you get, man proposes Fate/ God disposes and all that. After all we’v been thru together I dint want anybody else to be my first, besides I had gotten to the point where I wont have any regrets, or wish I could undo the deed, or any such reaction if he had said immediately after sex “DOLL I don’t want you again, this is goodbye”. I was READY. LOL. Though btw me & u: during the 2 wks spotting aftermath I had some regrets. LOL

Today is one of them days when I don’t feel too great. Am lacking clarity as regards what I want to do with my life, I luv my job, the pay is good but the hours are way too long. I have worked for 2 years today (today is my Job anniversary). Last week I got a job at a bank (research and budget planning unit). The pay is 150% increase to my salary. Its unbelievably way too much money for a girl my age I tell you. LOL But the thing is am not exactly sure I want to work in the bank, I know its not marketing or something but it still feels like it’s a wrong move, my job feels wrong, this feels wrong too, I dunno what I want to do with my career, I want to do my own thing cuz this white collar job is not it, but WHAT, WHERE, HOW, Why???? I dunno.

This has got to be my longest post eva. Apologies. Have a gd weekend people.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SO I attended 2 bridal showers this week and its just Wednesday

Am not ready for marriage but these days I seem to always be talking bout marriage. I put the blame 100% on the alarming number of weddings I attended last month and the even scarier number am going to attend this month (all my salary these days goes to aso-ebi for real)No am not ready to be married but 2 many pple around me are getting married.

Anyways back to the main gist I attended 2 bridal showers earlier this week. It was so much fun with the usual girlie things, where did you meet, how and stuff.

Time comes for the married young women in our midst to give advice to the bride to-be. There were about ten married folks and they all spoke at length but one statement was common to all of them: “YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR MAN UNTIL YOU START LIVING WITH HIM” now that is some scary shit. How is it possible that the man you have dated (possibly for a long time), that you love, that loves you, that you have shared so many precious moments with will become a stranger just because you are now living under the same roof????? But for ten of them to say it I guess there must be some truth in it. SCARY DEFINITELY SCARY!!!!

You need to see us the unmarried ones scribbling on our notes like it was some lecture we will be examined on. Anyways with all the impeding marriages in blogville I may as well share what I took away (in my notebook) from this shower.

1. Marry a man that is absolutely crazy bout you (don’t compromise this)
2. All men are babies; pamper them and you will get your way
3. Never deny your husband sex and food even when you guys are not in best of terms (really?)
4. Make a conscious effort not to nag
5. Be submissive (don’t emasculate him)
6. Take care of your body and pay attention to your appearance (gym regularly, eat healthy, plan your meals, wear fine cloth, do fine hair styles etc)
7. Compromise (very important)
8. Be accommodating (if you are the quiet, stay at home person and your is the type that draw crowds, prepare to cook and clean after his friends all weekend; don’t chase him out)
9. Be efficient (house work, cooking, catering, pampering and all that can really be tiring esp. for a working wife)
10. Be prayerful and watchful (the onus is on the woman to not allow the devourer enter your home)
11. Have the mindset of “It will work” and “nothing is unresolvable”

Friday, August 29, 2008

Meme bout me

I AM.... cerebral, fun loving, introvert, extrovert, indoor person, outdoor person, am too dynamic

MY EX WAS... No ex sorry! (am still with my first boyfriend)

MAYBE I SHOULD... Give up my life here and move to Vegas

I LOVE... People who love me

I DONT UNDERSTAND... What I want to do with my career…really

I LOST MY.... Virginity two months ago damn!!!

MY CURRENT BOYFRIEND IS.... My first boyfriend

WE HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOR… 4 and half years (a lifetime really)

My soulmate

PEOPLE SAY IM.... A great person

LOVE IS... An awesome thing – everyone should partake in this feeling

SOMEWHERE, SOMEONE IS... wishing i would jus give them that chance

I WILL ALWAYS.... Be myself

FOREVER IS.... Not always

I NEVER WANT TO.... Look back and have regrets

WHEN I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING... I feel like going back to bed

LIFE IS FULL OF.... Surprises

MY PAST IS... good enough to tell my grandkids, too dull to write a book

I GET ANNOYED WHEN.... People annoy me (but hardly sha!)

PARTIES ARE FOR.... dancing (I guess)

GIRLS ARE..... girls….will always be

SEX IS... Lips sealed

I WISH.... I could go back to being a teenager (life was carefree then)

TOMORROW IM GOING TO..... Make my hair (It’s a weekend)


I HAVE NO TOLERANCE FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE.... For people who are laggards

I AM NOT.... a bad girl

IF I HAD 100 MILLION DOLLARS... I’d begin my dream of providing education for less privileged girls & women empowerment programmes

MY JOB MAKES ME.... There must be easier and less stressful ways to make this money

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Random thoughts

Dressing up this morning, I got extremely upset, to find what to wear is now war. I need a wardrobe overhaul. I hate buying clothes in Nigeria because most times when I go shopping I end up buying stuff just for the sake of it not that they were absolutely irresistible. I’ve been saving to go to Dubai but the rate at which this whole job thingy is going I doubt I’ll have time to travel this year. So am going shopping next weekend, sisters resident in Naija help a girl out, with the list and location of your favorite shops pls.

Now I understand why parents get over anxious bout their children, my younger bother is sixteen. Just completed secondary school, going to Uni next month. Somehow I was in possession of his phone for a short time and I snooped. (I normally don’t do this but I was curious for some strange reasons) anyways the text messages I saw on that phone made me a little worried. Different girls, different erotic messages. Children of these days! God help us, they are not conservative at all.

On a lighter note I have this bad habit I’v been trying to kick for 2 years now. I never noticed this until I started corporate work. I cant seem to leave my feet in my shoes. Once I sit down, unconsciously I take them shoes off. I’v tried to combat the problem by buying shoes with strap but unfortunately I don’t even realize when I take them off. Pls don’t tell me to go for flat corporate shoes. I absolutely hate them.

I have three weddings this weekend, plus ICAN classes 8am to 8pm. I don’t know how I’l juggle them. All these social responsibility is a huge blackmail, so is personal development. Maybe I’l skip all of them and read a novel at home. With the terrible week I had I guess it wont be too bad. Peace people. Enjoy the weekend.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

i cant comprehend

Ok so i have this friend i met at A level class, very beauriful girl. we went to the same uni. at least for 100 level. she was the reigning chic on campus then cuz really she is beauriful, gorgeous, all in all.

Anyways she left for America after 100 level, we kept in touch for a while, after which correspondence ceased. Her mails started bouncing back (email de-activated), her no became incorrect.

After 3 years of incommunicado. I get a facebook add last week from her. I was so happy. went on to check he rpage out. Girl friend is now so sexy and gorgeous. i mean all dose baby fat has disappeared, she is so slim now (maybe a size 2) and healthily so. Her stomach is as flat as a board, her complexion is glowing. without wasting time i begin to leave photo comments. (meanwhile i need to register at a gym o!)

After checking out a couple of pictures i realized she is a stripper / lap dancer / hostess in one club like that in DC. I mean d pictures were all but nude with tags like "me preparing for my lap dance", "me before the next set", "me with a customer before a private viewing", "my stunt double", "me and my dancing partner" (this dancing partner is a hunk of a man wearing thong), 'me and my pdancing pole", etc.

I was quite taken aback, cuz this is a buriful intelligent girl, from a wealthy family (am sure if i type her surname here everyone will go really, cuz her popc is well known) with the world at her finger tips and now this is what she has become. The curious me that i am i quickly did some research on the club she works for and got an article (interview) that she granted the press last year. In it she says she ran away from home cuz her popc was stifling her, Africa also stifles freedom of women and that she is very adventourous and innovative. so she bought a one way ticket to DC and never looked back, that her dad tried to get her but she wouldnt come back home, now she is free and living the life.

I guess i should be happy for her, she seems quite happy and fufillled but i turned and tossed that night, ( i tend to overburden myself with people's issue sometimes) wondering what the future will hold for her and stuff). am really toubled o! we used to be really really good friends at some point

But really for a buriful 21 yr old girl from a rich home to abandon studies and become a stripper. is it no big deal? i'd luv to hear especially for people in Diaspora. Maybe its just troubling me cuz i reside in Naija. am sure am over reactin abi?

Monday, August 11, 2008

what happened??

I have no friend again. seems i have bought an unusual no of aso-ebi this year. Every one seems to be getting married, school friends, office friends, childhood friends. The others seem to have left the country for masters or something else. what happened to the time we could all hang out on sat (all girls) and gist about our boyfriends, our toasters? our future?

That said i have no new toaster (only the over recycled ones). that seems weird. I mean once upon a time i had 3 toasters per day. What happened to the weekends i used to be so bugged about which toaster to actually hang out with (when my sweetheart is not around tho) . i blame this plight on my 8am to 10pm job (i need to change jobs i think)

what happened to the weekends i could lounge at home, read novels, watch dvds, sleep, exercise, go i have to attend acca classes. 8am to 8pm Saturdays and Sundays?

Am I chasing after vanity? cuz now it seems there is money but no time to spend it.

no excitement, nothing to look forward to like that, just routine
Am bored, dissatisfied, anxious, on edge, and uneasy, paranoid, everything and am just 22. Seems my life moved to fast for me

or maybe cuz my sweetheart left Lagos today.

I guess the long and short of this post is that i miss him already

Let me stalk more blogs. see y'all l8r

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the right mix of motherhood and career

SINCE blogville and the entire world seems to be getting married ( I’v bought over 13 aso-ebi this year alone) we may as well talk about motherhood and work

How do women….working women that is juggle career and motherhood especially when the kids are young???

When I was younger…. Two weeks before my 6th birthday I was sexually molested by our houseboy…… he asked me to come and lick icecream (his dick) after one taste I cried that I dint like that type of icecream. After a few tears he asked me to take off my clothes and lie down on my stomach that he would give me the one I will prefer…..i did…this asshole was actually going to penetrate my ass-hole….i was 2 wks shy of 6 years (in fact party preparations were on going for my sixth birthday) and he was 22…..But before he could….. my brother came in and raised alarm……my parents were told when they got back…needless to say he was properly dealt with….the police were invited….my dad gave him some razor blade marks before the police arrived tho….

I have another friend that was usually left in the care of her mumc’s younger brother after school….pending when her parents get home from work this guy….her uncle raped her an raped her friend…school friend not once not twice not thrice…..she was 9, he was 27, her friend was 8….she couldn’t tell her mum, it was her friend that summoned up courage to tell her mum and that’s how the whole thing blew open her mum dint mention it to her father till today……because the guy is her brother and she was scared of his reaction tho she almost killed the guy with a pestle….when neighbors gathered she said the guy stole from her

Last year, a church member’s house girl threw her son down the stairs in a fleet of anger, one foot is now longer than the other…..

….And there are many more stories like that....

Pls do tell me how do you intend to juggle motherhood and career….am curious?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What is your take?

IMAO in any relationship(for ladies), the guy should like you more than you like him (sounds old school right???) but marriage is for the rest of your life……..think about this…..when a guy is asking you is a totally different ball game from when you are actually dating not to talk of when you are married (as in you have his name…as your last name)…if he is not mad ass into you now….when in God’s name will he be? After your breasts are sagged from breastfeeding or your tummy extended from child bearing???? This is not to imply in any way that you shouldn’t luv your boyfriend or be into him……cuz if you don’t feel anything for him….his luv will make you sick and disgusted…….but damn….let him luv you more…..or worst case scenario be in a position where its difficult to say who luvs who more………

How do you know when you are more into him than he is?

The most tell tale sign is: When you always wait for your phone to ring…..fighting hard to resist the temptation to call….cuz you called last (or you seem to be the one doing all the calling)… or he hasn’t called for a while and you don’t want to seem so obvious

His phone is always on silent when you are together……

He is always too busy to see you….work…pressure….rest…endless excuses…you always seem to be the one eager to see him….setting up dates, etc

You have been dating for a while but you have never met anyone in his family……

He doesn’t go out of his way to do anything for you

His ex is still somehow in the picture….and you cant comprehend that…..

You are somehow insecure….unhappy….unsure….

……and the list goes on…..

so if you are in a relationship where you are obviously more into the guy than he is into you my take is get out of it….like right now……


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

a girl, a ring

something wonderful happened at work today…a girl got a ring….this girl J, got proposed to by a kiss…her boyfriend came to take out for lunch and after dropping her off wanted a goodbye kiss…in the process of kissing he left her with something….a ring in her mouth (Unique innit?) by the time she brought it out of her mouth and figured it was an engagement ring the bobo was on his knees……. I mean I’v heard a lot of proposal styles but this is…….unique……exclusive…….

So when a girl gets engaged, does she sleep that night….??????

I tried to imagine the scenario on the day I will get the ring ……it better be romantic (Temi hear dis o! ) if not I will sya no (for real)…LOL

That night…..i imagine I will turn and toss…..and turn…..and wonder… he the right choice…how will d future be….how many kids….will he change….will I change…..and many more…..

I imagine anxiety……anticipation….joy….worry….and my overactive imagination will keep me awake…but then I can never tell until it happens right?????

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back by popular demand! (Lol)

Am sorry for taking a hiatus without notice……why did I do that???
1. I got tired of updating (Crazy innit? Since no body held a gun to my head for update)
2. Work pressure (it was choking)
3. Was curious to know if delete blog will actually delete the entire blog (blame Uzezi for this)
4. Blogging wasn’t as therapeutic as I expected it to be (maybe cuz I was not as open as I should have been)
5. Many more reasons I cant remember
So am I forgiven????

A brief memory refresher….Am 22, done with school, done with nysc, have a job I don’t particularly like because the hours are long but the take home is very good so …..
I have a boyfriend (5 years older) whom I’v been dating for four years, who is caring, loving, patient, sexy, everything………..LOL….
I love listening to music, reading, watching football, dancing
I hate cooking but am a good cook (no need to be modest here!)
I am unnecessarily compassionate (people’s problem keeps me awake and tossing, far into the night) even people am not close to or I don’t particularly care about
I forgive people easily (2 ways. Either I don’t care enough about you to keep a grudge or I care about you too much to be mad at you)
I am the most impatient person ever (believe me)

I’l sign off on that note