Friday, August 29, 2008

Meme bout me

I AM.... cerebral, fun loving, introvert, extrovert, indoor person, outdoor person, am too dynamic

MY EX WAS... No ex sorry! (am still with my first boyfriend)

MAYBE I SHOULD... Give up my life here and move to Vegas

I LOVE... People who love me

I DONT UNDERSTAND... What I want to do with my career…really

I LOST MY.... Virginity two months ago damn!!!

MY CURRENT BOYFRIEND IS.... My first boyfriend

WE HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOR… 4 and half years (a lifetime really)

My soulmate

PEOPLE SAY IM.... A great person

LOVE IS... An awesome thing – everyone should partake in this feeling

SOMEWHERE, SOMEONE IS... wishing i would jus give them that chance

I WILL ALWAYS.... Be myself

FOREVER IS.... Not always

I NEVER WANT TO.... Look back and have regrets

WHEN I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING... I feel like going back to bed

LIFE IS FULL OF.... Surprises

MY PAST IS... good enough to tell my grandkids, too dull to write a book

I GET ANNOYED WHEN.... People annoy me (but hardly sha!)

PARTIES ARE FOR.... dancing (I guess)

GIRLS ARE..... girls….will always be

SEX IS... Lips sealed

I WISH.... I could go back to being a teenager (life was carefree then)

TOMORROW IM GOING TO..... Make my hair (It’s a weekend)


I HAVE NO TOLERANCE FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE.... For people who are laggards

I AM NOT.... a bad girl

IF I HAD 100 MILLION DOLLARS... I’d begin my dream of providing education for less privileged girls & women empowerment programmes

MY JOB MAKES ME.... There must be easier and less stressful ways to make this money


LG said...


LG said...

@move to vegas: babes' been watching 2 many movies, lasgidi 4 life *winks*
@V: ............(sneezes)........
@wen i wake up in d morning: agbaya!!
@if i had 100 million dollars: ......
i wld prolly do d same *grins*

nice nice meme
njoy ur w'end
norrin do u

Funms said...

good job gurl, uve been with a guy for over 4 yrs and only slept with him 2 months ago..... :)

Sting said...

When i wake up i just want to go back to sleep. That's me mehn!

archiwiz said...

LOL...I want to go back to bed when i wake up also...

I wish...Hmmm...not a good wish though...make i keep quiet.

Hmmm...I now have more ideas...Thank you...

ibiluv said...


Buttercup said...

oh my...its so amazin that u r still with ur 1st!

lo @ "Give up my life here and move to Vegas"..i guess we cud all do with some change..

Afrobabe said...

move to vegas indeed...

when i wake up i dont want to go back to bed...i just dont want to get up...

Anonymous said...

two questions:
-why did you wait that long, and
-why did you lose it after waiting so long??

Parakeet said...

Well done...this is nice. I may copy and fill in the gaps later.

So how does a girl leave sex for over 4 years and only to have it before officially getting hitched? I wanna hear that story if you dont mind sharing pls.

Uzezi said...

without that much money, u could still do something u know.

very refreshing u still wt ur first boyfriend.

naijalines said...

So romantic with your b/f.

I love your plan for 100 million dollars. Girl, norrin do you jare!

Shey I fit borrow do the meme too ? ;-)

La Reine said...

Nice one. Nice blog...

-- Something all Nigerians should read:

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

4 years relationship..thats gd gd

nice interesting meme

wendie said...

If you get anymore witty i will have to charge you..but the virginity for chill small nah..afterall 8yrs courtship b4 sampling is not bad..

Aphrodite said...

When i wake up in the morning i also feel like sleeping some more,lol...

so you just lost 'IT' two months back?(wink)

how you been dear?

the genius within said...

wow..some chics are already on their 10th
really nice meme and lol at the job thingy..hope you're good

have a good week and take good care

Ms. emmotions said...

dont worry gal, u still a virgin to me ...thats if it makes u happy

how are u jare?

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

you still with your first boyfriend and you've been together four, thats something worth celebrating.....girls who can wait 4yrs before having sex are who are prepared to forgo sex for that long even rarer (if there is such a word)

Bombchell said...

cool u were pretty honest.

girl your ok, Im still waiting on bf numero uno. and as the years go by i keep thinking "aww shit" gosh i might end up being one of those girls that marries her 1st bf (sigh).