Monday, December 22, 2008

Its been an amazing 2008.

Wonderful unexpected things happened to me this year

Completion of NYSC, job promotion, numerous job offers, ICAN prize, my brother got admission, traveled up and down and came back safely, the whole world got married, and many many more…….


  1. No biting of nails anymore
  2. No encouragement of toasters anymore
  3. Total independence from my parents
  4. Change my church
  5. No storing of undies anymore (LOL)
  6. Pay my tithe regularly
  7. Change jobs before the end of the year
  8. Join a gym in January
  9. Go on a vacation

In 2009 I hope to be a better person to myself, to God, to my employers, to my boyfriend, parents, friends and family.

I pray for more outstanding success in my exams, job, everything (to never blend in with the crowd)

I pray for a miracle for my Boo

I pray I can still buy my new car in January

I pray danfo drivers, okadas and crazy drivers stay the hell away from me

I pray we move into our new home latest to June

I pray I get the relationship with God I crave

I pray for even bigger and more amazing testimonies next year

As regards my last post…for those that wanted my answers here you go…

  1. NO WAY
  2. Was in that situation....
  3. Am in that situation right now
  4. No

Here is wishing all bloggers merry xmas and happy new year. My all expectations for the remaining days of 2008 not be cut shot andmay the new year bring forth much better days IJN

See y’all in 2009.

Much Luv


Monday, December 15, 2008

Have you or can you?....


  1. Date a student?
  2. As a worker (female) date a student (male)? Would your answer be different if you were in school together and you graduated 3 yrs before him due to some factors beyond anyone's control
  3. Date a broke guy? (as in a guy that 70% of the time you have to pick the tabs when you guys go out)?
  4. Can you give you give your boyfriend money? (regularly?)