Monday, December 15, 2008

Have you or can you?....


  1. Date a student?
  2. As a worker (female) date a student (male)? Would your answer be different if you were in school together and you graduated 3 yrs before him due to some factors beyond anyone's control
  3. Date a broke guy? (as in a guy that 70% of the time you have to pick the tabs when you guys go out)?
  4. Can you give you give your boyfriend money? (regularly?)



LG said...


why not???? no be luv?!?!?! :)

Tisha said...

Honestly i don't know
i have never been in such a position
i think he would have to be something special
... and he really would need to be ambitious and not lazy so you would know it isn't forever.

like i said he would have to be mature and something special and i don't think i'd do it.

Parrot said...

3rd gbosa..
babe i can and will not date a younger man cept he lies about his age
I have dated a broke guy,just once,it lasted a month..
And no have never given a guy money at all in a relationship..laiye laiye

mizchif said...

Okay, i have dated a guy one yr younger than myself and the age wasn't really an issue, but 3-4yrs, now that might be different.

As for a broke bf,err....i think NOT. I don't expect him to foot my bills, but not for me to always pick up the tab when we r together, then still give him money. No oh abeg.

But then, if i'm with a guy who is going thru a rough (i.e broke) phase, of course i can help out, as long as he doesn't decide to become a parasite.

Just...Toluwa said...

cant data a younger guy, will not date a broke guy, and sure as hell will not give boyfie money on a regular!

Can & will date a student if he is not any of the above! Student also work these days u know!

ibiluv said...



3.......not anymore


Miss Definitely Maybe said...

I will date a younger man as long as his intelligence parallels or superceeds my own AND he does not look so young that i will look like I robbed the cradle

I can not relate to the student teacher one

I have no qualms about helping each other in a relationship occassionally so i will probably help a brother out once in a while.

I will not support a man who is not thy husband. I will not regulary pay such a man any money. I will not go out with anyone unemployed END OF.

Sting said...

B4 i would have said a big fat no to dating a younger guy, but these days i might be willing to make exceptions.

I would date a student. He will graduate eventually abi?

I have dated a broke guy b4, and i said never again. Not because he was broke but because it got to a point where it was obvious he was taking advantage of me. I paid for 90% of our dates plus used to give me money.

He over did it and that's what turned me away from dating broke pple who have no qualms milking u for all u got.

Now if the dude was broke but wasn't a user, i'll date him.

QMoney said...

1)No way
2)No way
3)No way
4)Regularly??NO WAY!!!!
Jus once in a while.
i think i'd like to see your answers too

Mekistein said...

Another Blog Banger for Doll.

the genius within said...

1) God forbid..I can date a younger woman though definitely. I'm a guy

2) I could definitely date a lady student, provided she's in uni

3) I can date a broke girl. No worries.

4) Definitely can give my girfie money regularly..

PS: did i pass? LOL..Take care dear

miz-cynic said...

no to all.can o r have no to the yorubas will say oloun ma je ka ri apadasi ibi-(by the grace of God forward ever.)

miz-cynic said...

d genius within:-were u trying to annoy us women....the question was meant for women....and ur answers just goes to show our double standards/ me i answered all no...while u answered all yes.

Olufunke said...

Younger guy .....YES, if he is very mature and worth all the stress that would go with it.

Broke guy, give the guy money regularly...NO ( don’t pray for such)God would have led me on to say yes...cos there are issues that come up with it, ...a man's ego, the relationship would always have to explain it self every time, speaking from experience

Still in uni, cos he had to stay behind...YES...he was 'my guy'' when we were in school, so if some delays made him stay back in school, I wont ditch him...I guess that would be test of our relationship and love

Buttercup said...

i havent done any of the above before..

i wud date a younger man..i was totally against it before cos i know how immature some guys cud be but im willing to be more open now..

yes, i wud date a sting said, he'll graduate eventually!

uh, well, if hes broke n willing to change that fact n not sitting on his ass doing nada, yes, i wud..

well, yea, if i know he doesnt have n its due to no fault of his..

will be expecting ur own answers o!

Doja said...

Anybody know a guy with all five features? RUN FAST. NO FASTER.

LG said...

Hellooooooooooo' anybodi home?????
i ve got sum hampers 4 u :)
*merry christmas dear

Afunto baby! said...

the 1st to questions.. HELL NO! LMAOOOO pardon my language.. ahaha.. lmaoo 2nd two questions hmm yeah prolly depending on the situation at hand