Monday, May 9, 2011

First Hurdle Crossed

Spoke with my father on Saturday. Apologized first before stating my point and I guess it was a typical “daddy afraid to lose daughter reaction”. Cuz he had met my boo on numerous occasions, infact after I went to meet his mum when she got back from the US, he came to meet my parents, though it was nothing formal.

Anyways, the conversation was weird. He asked me where we met and how we started dating, his strengths, his weaknesses, at least two quarrels we have had in he past and how we settled, his family, his relationship with his family, his educational and professional qualifications, how he got born again, his church, his ministry, his baptism, etc. This whole talk took more than two hours.
My dad told me that from the little interactions they have had, that he really likes him and he sounded really intelligent (cuz they were able to talk on numerous topics) compared to my ex (insert embarrassed smiley here) and he is happy cuz I’m intelligent and he knows I need a man equally or more intelligent so I can have a balanced marriage. He then prayed for me. I cried a bit. LOL

So he said the boyfriend can come anytime, so he is coming next weekend. I’m really relieved and thankful to my mom for the part she played in all of this.

Anyways, the day after my birthday / the proposal. The boyfriend’s family called me one after the other to wish me happy birthday and also to say congrats on the engagement. His mum said “my daughter, welcome to the family”. LOL. Its weird cuz I always wanted a sister (being the only daughter of my parents). Now I am inheriting 5 sisters (cuz he is the only son of his parents).

So my friend sent me her wedding excel sheet with the budget and detailed tasks( I want to be really organized plus i'm an accountant so…). Total amount was 5.5 million. And I was at the wedding it was very nice and classy but nothing out of this world. Chilled me out o!. I really don’t want the wedding to cost so much was thinking more of 3-3.5 million max (kitchen and upgrading bachelor's pad to habitable home plus honey moon inclusive). Anyways let us see how it goes.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Birthday with Diamonds

So i turned 25 yesterday

Birthday celebrations started on Friday night, when i went clubbing with my girls. It was a night filled with dancing, catching up and champagne. I ended up not spending a dime thanks to all the men we met and left in the club.

Luckily the my birthday was on a holiday because of the workers day. Decided to cook fried rice with prawns and turkey for my family. Spent the day receiving phone calls, BBMs and facebook notification. The boyfriend was working during the day, although he dropped by briefly to drop my birthday cake and cards.

We were billed to have dinner at southern sun @ Ikoyi, however, work took up most of his time and by the time he finally came at 9ish i wasn’t up for food or the outing. I was in a low-key mode cuz of the waiting and also the mechanic had ruined my car and it wasn’t coming on. So i asked that dinner be moved to today (after work). He agrees and said to drop him off at the hotel were they were working (he still had to work all night), so i could keep his car (since mine wasn’t coming on and i needed to get to work the next day).

At the hotel room he brings out this cute white box, opens it to reveal the most beautiful ring i have seen in my entire life, went on one knee and asked me to marry him. I can’t remember the exact words cause i was sorta overwhelmed (LOL). I said yes, so i’m engaged. The ring is really pretty and it came with certificates for the diamond and bla blab la. Tried uploading a picture, but i need to resize. Il upload later.

Got home and showed my parents, my mom was very happy, my dad sorta dampened my excitement by saying “how can you accept a ring when you haven’t discussed with your dad? Is that the way i brought you up? And bla bla, infact him and mumc almost started quarrelling. Anyways my dad is no stranger to controversies. Anything that is not his idea or his initiative shall always be met with resistance.

Anyways i guess the blog would now be about engagement / wedding stories.

Last year i had my worst birthday ever and this year i had my best ever.