Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baby am i a prude?

I met my primary school classmate sometime last week, on the Island and he still lives in my area, he works in a global accounting firm (like I do) and for the 30 mins or there about that we talked he made sense, sounded intelligent and all. Anyways we decide to see during this long sallah hols to catch up on old times.
Anyways on Monday I went to his house, and we go to the bedroom, no chair, so we sit on the bed and before you can say Jack Robinson this individual started hitting on me big time – Sexually.

It was just amazing. I mean an individual that I met after 12 0r 13 years and the first opportunity we have to discuss like civilized human beings am being sexually harassed. Does going to a guy’s house suggest or imply that you want to have sex with him. I mean it wasn’t like I was indecently dressed; I wore jeans shorts and t-shirt. Anyways I tried to tell him civilly that I wasn’t that type of girl, the idiot actually thought I was fronting and intensified his pursuit. I had to fight him off and almost gave him some slaps before he could leave me alone. Then he called me a PRUDE
I was so irritated I had to talk to someone so I called Boo later in the day and went “this morning I went to see my primary skl friend I found last week at his place.” I hadn’t even finished the statement when that one sparked “WTF” how can you go to a guy’s place without telling me.. Shoo…we don marry? Ok that was in my mind…in reality I went “ he lives in the neighborhood I just strolled down” this bobo no calm down he went on and on about how what I did was wrong, how it was wrong to go to a man’s house alone, worse off without telling him, I tried to chip in that this fellow was a primary school friend not a toaster; for where he dint listen, he was really mad. How could I then tell him the sexual harassment I faced? He would have said I brought it on myself, so I just kept mum.
But I must have missed out something somewhere in life judging from Boo’s reaction and the idiot of my primary school friend’s attitude going to a man’s house must be an open invitation saying come and screw me….Its so saddening and pathetic, but I guess I’ve learnt my lesson

Anyways to the main gist of the day. An ex-toaster has called me a prude before…this guys made a couple of kissing / smooching advances which I refuted and I liked d guy a lot den. Anyways after this incident that that idiot called me a prude again I had to go check the dictionary for the meaning. It means Someone who is overly concerned with decorum and propriety, uncomfortable with sexuality, nudity, drug use or mischief

After reading that I wasn’t too sure if it was a good thing or not, the more I thought about it the more I hated being thought of or called a prude

So I called Boo this morning: “baby do you think am a prude?” and he goes “wow where did that come from?” and I go “just answer” And he goes NO, not at all baby you are fire….LOL and I am like serious I need to know
Anyways long and short according to him its hard to figure me out, I am like a chameleon, sometimes I wear my effiko profile, sometimes party wild girl, other times shy don’t touch me girl. But that after being with me for this long he can say I am a very cautious person and that it takes me time to relax with a guy and loose my inhibitions but when I do I am like a bird let out of the cage…so his answer is NOT REALLY. I guess I should be happy that I am not dulling this young man but am not sure what I really wanted to hear or if I am thrilled being on any side ( the prude side or the Not really prude side)


the genius within said...

tentatively 'am i 1st?''

the genius within said...

yaay..1st and

the genius within said...

3rd? wow today must be dec 25..runs to check calendar

the genius within said...

the guy's horny big time..but then im wondering why u guys couldn't gist in his living room..guess he left the chairs our of his bedroom on

so d silly guy calls u a prude for refusing his unwanted advances..i would have slapped him and left his place straight away..

don't mind his name calling, people will say crazy stuff just to get their way..

u know who u are regardless of what anyone else cre dearie

Dee! said...

That primary school classmate of yours is has just displayed the kind of person he really is! Hello! What happened to asking (toasting) a babe before making such silly advances?! Maybe he just learnt that word (prude) and he decided to use it on you. Don't mind him sha!

On a lighter note, when I was single sha, if I am not sure about a guy, I never visited him alone! Yes O! I no trust them!

Sting said...

how can u even let what that idiot said bother u? Just becos u don't want to f him doesn't transform u into a prude. Now, if ur boyfriend had called u a prude after knowing u for so long, then we can talk about that. The dude is the one with the problem not u. Anyone that thinks just cos a girl comes to see means she wants sex, need serious help.

I've been in a similar situation b4 and it was very eye opening.

LG said...

lollllllllllllllll@.....FIRE, girl u too hawt!!! :)

as per primisklguy4gethim :)

bumight said...

you kinda remind me of me!

anyways, I know that here, when a guy says 'come to my place' or better still "come watch a movie at my place" it means
"come to my place, lets have sex"

I learnt this from experience, kinda like the same thing that happened to u.
doesn't necessarily mean ur former classmate is a prick (but he is a prick!) that just how most guys nowadays sadly reason.
If you do actually get out of the situation without having sex with them, they label you a prick. If you don't, they call u a ho!

this is not to say all guys are like that, but the majority of them are. I dont know what the "unwritten code" is over there in naija, but thats just the way it is.
ur boyfie's reaction would have scared me too. the independent woman in me would have jumped out on steroids! but I guess he's just concerned for his baby knowing the predators out there!

Oyinkansola ...Honeydropz....... said...

The guy is just silly. Dont mind them
Just because u didnt respond to his advances
He is just looking for ways to attack you.
If being prude is not responding to sexual advances from random people, then honey we are all prude

Anonymous said...

prude ko prude ni...dem boiz were jus doin the sour grapes thing jooo

Anonymous said...

it's two things. first the guy is one of those guys who expect girls to be easy jus as long as they so much as speak to them.
that makes up a large population of the male populace. imo.
secondly, ur bf is aware of the prevailence of that population, and doesnt want to start hearing stories of how somebody 'did' his babe. which is the type of gossip that type of guy thrives on spreading.

as to whether or not it's a good thing to be a prude, i am in your exact shoes! i dont know if i should be offended by it or if i should be proud of my 'efiko-ish' tendencies. for the most part i am proud, but sometimes it seems like i'm using my pride as a shield/weapon...

ok im done now.

QMoney said...

i take it u dint take d bank job????
well,u are right oh,guys are jus silly atimes,i once went to see my friend from uni cos he said he was in a hotel ard my parents house,he ordered food from the hotel and d next thing he was was tryin to undress me and he tot it funny muxh later wen i asked if he was high on weed.......i dnt tink av spoken to him since then

Parrot said...

no mind am a prude and proud of it..y shld a guy just think cos u came to visit u ve to drop something..
But u sef no c trap.wen a guy has no chair in his room he has a plan..dnt do it again..
BABY bOO knows d score..he is a guy..thats why he was upset

BUT GAL,wen can i be first oh

Aphrodite said...

Trust me babes, some guys dont even know the meaning of 'Prude'. Them just dey follow those wey dey call am,hiss...

Anyway, i'd much rather be called a Prude than a Nympho.
Being a Prude is not so bad jare.

MP said...

i hate adjectives sometimes because i don't like to be defined or put into a box. i am host of contridictions and all of that just make me... ME!

Smaragd said...

been called a prude before, now the guy wishes he

but u know, it is said that every guy's dream woman is one who's "a lady outside (equals to prude) and a vixen/whore/hottie/siren/tigeress in bed"

so there!

Smaragd said...

actually been called a prude more than

"prudishly" yours

tobenna said...

When we use the word 'prude', its because we are not getting the sex we desperately want.
Nothing more, so sleep easy. You most likely do not fall into that category.
My first time here and well worth it.

Uzezi said...

christ. i laughed so much my headache is back. that primary school friend is an asshole.

naijalines said...

DOLL babes, you are not a prude. I agree with Bumight and Tobenna. It's just the way most guys think. They lash out at you cos you're not an easy lay. And of course you don't want to be. Who does? I'd rather be a prude than a ho. What say you? :-)

@ Smaragd
Dearie, who would dare call you a prude with that lovely pout of yours? They need glasses. LOL!

Abujamaiden said...

Preach to the choir! I had a similar experience last week and with my virgin stats "am I a prude?" erm?

Tella said...

unnfortunately prude ain't compliment these days...not when some dude tells u..."I wish I never met you", nice blog

doll said...

Thank y'all for your comment

Lee said...

You've got a very interesting blog. I need to bookmark this :)

LOL Foolish boys call you prude when you stand by your principle.. Ive gotten that a lot and I tell them I'm proud to be a prude..and I say it with great pride so it hurts them ..

OluwaDee said...


I learnt that lesson a long time ago; going to a guys house is like an invitation 4 sex.

I have gone thru something similar, n i practically had to think my way out of it co si cant fight.

Anywayz, your boo love u oh. n who cares if you are a prude.
Abeg nothing do you jor.

Mekistein said...

nice slap..i guess he didnt c that one

princesa said...

You dont seem like a prude from your writings. I see you as a cautious sensible young lady and it's cool.

The Invisible Man said...

lol! nice stuff.... First time here. Holla!

QMoney said...

@doll,i gave him 1/3rd and i wanna believe he'll return sha.Thanks for stoppin by..

Just...Toluwa said...

abeg, i dnt think being a prude is so bad.

As far ur man thinks u r fine...u r good to go!

Buttercup said...

I just cant get over the fact that the next thing on the idiot's mind after just seein u after a long is sex...where the hell does he get off believin u'll respond??? IDIOT!

Sweetie, just keep being urself, theres absolutely nthn wrong with havin self-respect, morals n values!

Osondu Nnamdi Awaraka said...

I don't think going to a man's house should translate into... Anyway, don't mind him. I don't think there was anything wrong with you going to a male friends house after so many years of not seeing him. He's clearly no good... Try and understand Boo's reaction to your going.

tara douglas said...

u r not a prude.
bu i will be glad to be called a prude
cos i want to be concerned about propriety and decorum
wouldn't you want to?
i don't think its a bad word.

The Druid said...

yes you are a prude and failed to be human adult (blessing of diana, curse of venus)