Friday, January 6, 2012

my sister is getting married tommorow

Tomorrow. My sister that God sent to another family is getting married.

We'v been friends since I was six and we moved to Lagos from Kaduna. She was the cute friendly little seven years old in the jeans mini skirt & cream top in church that sunday that was the beginning of a 19 year relationship.

She was the only daughter of her parents like I was and we decided to be each other's sisters.

By some stroke of fate, we ended up in the same secondary school. I remember those Saturdays she spent practicing to weave hair with mine (she soon perfected it like every other thing she laid her hands on).

She helped me grow spiritually and I helped her focus academically.

After secondary school, we went to the same jamb lesson. Ah! Those days of breakfast in her house.

Remember when she came to my house to tell me she got admission. We both cried and wrote about each other in our diaries. Lol.

Then her family moved to abuja! We did not have the holidays anymore.

When I got engaged I called her and she was so happy for me. Two weeks later she called me that her boyfriend proposed.

Fastforward to December. I bought my tickets to abuja. So I could go by road with her and her family to jos for her wedding.

With all these bombing and boko haram threat. My mom & my dad asked me not to go. Was gonna disobey them but they have a point. The whole Nigeria is unsafe. The North is triply unsafe.

My sister is getting married in jos tomorrow and I am here. Lying on my bed in Lagos, typing this, tears in my eyes.

Screw this country

Screw boko haram

Screw the Government for making fuel subsidy their priority with the current state of insecurity in the country

Happy married life J

Happy new year everybody


fantasy queen said...

awww, i can understand how u feel. I've missed many weddings of close friends, not a great feeling.

I'm sure she'll understand.Hope everything's going well for ur wedding?


miss.fab said...

Aww, I can imagine. Stay safe, and best wishes to your friend!

Pretty Lashes said...

Awww, that's heartbreaking but your parents have a point, your safety is paramount. I'm sure she understands and if the shoe was in the other foot, you'd after her to stay at home too.

Take care and cheer up.xxxx

LadyNgo said...

Ah man, that sucks but better to be safe than sorry and unfortunately safety makes us miss out on some stuff. I'm sure she will understand though.

Prism of an immigrant said...

eeehhhyahhhh. Sorry about your situation. Our country is such a hot mess. I wish your sister a happy married life.

LohiO said...

Awww that is so sad!! So sorry dear! I pray for Nigeria!

mizchif said...

I can't imagine how sad you must feel. my parents won't let me travel to the east either for fear of kidnappings, and as it is i can't even suggest going to visit my friends in abj because of BH.


Nutty J. said...

I'm so sorry dear... I cant imagine how you feel, but God knows your heart and somehow he will make her understand

This country matter tire me oooo.... I dont know which is worse...the constant killing or the fact that nothing seems to be done about it

Amy said...

So sorry my dear. It is so sad that the poor actions of others are affecting so many people in a negative way. I hope her wedding goes well and that she understands your predicament.

Roc said...

Hopefully you'll get to make it up to her sometime soon.. :(


Ehya... that's sad! Only God can deliver Nigeria. Happy Married life to her.


Ema Leecious said...

awww, that can be quite annoying!

Happy married life to her and may she know peace in her life as an M.R.S!!!

Just keep praying for change! We need that desperately...