Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Two months! Still Adjusting!

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Let’s start with the positives

1. Alone time – At my father’s house, it was rare to be home alone. My mom is a stay at home mom, my brother drove with me to the office, meaning we arrived and departed at the same time, etc.

These days, I leave the office typically between 5-9pm, depending on my work load. If I leave before 7pm, I head to the gym, except on Tuesday when I head to church or Friday when I hang out with my friends occasionally, or days I am tired and go straight home.
However, more often than not, regardless of any activity I embark on, I still get home before the hubs. The man gives the term “workaholic” a new definition.

I have been catching up on tv shows and my novels again after so many years. This is definitely a positive

2. Cooking - I cook dinner EVERY DAY and breakfast and dinner on weekdays! Previously, I used to go a whole month or two! without cooking. My mom like I said was a stay at home mom, so go figure!

When I lived with my parents, I woke up at 5am, got out of the house at 5:30am, got home between 10 & 11pm every weekday. Weekends, I attended lectures for 3 years when I was writing my professional exams, lectures back then began at 8am and ended at 9pm. With that crazy schedule cooking was definitely not in the front burner.

In school we were not allowed to cook and cooking for boyfriends wasn’t my cup of tea either, so for the first time ever in my life, I am cooking regularly, I have creative freedom in the kitchen , I am trying out new recipes, remaking old recipes I saw my mom make and I AM LOVING IT. The hubs says the thought dinner keeps him going at work all-day, and he compliments and appreciates my efforts a lot which also motivates me to bring my A game.

3. Not being a slob – the hubs has OCD as In literally the guy is a freak, a neat freak, he spends the better part of the weekend cleaning the house end to end, even my gas cooker and every nook of the kitchen is not spared. The effort he puts in motivates me to keep my stuff in order and to not make a mess. I am so grateful for a man who cleans up after himself, washes his dishes after eating and doesn’t add cleaning to my burdens.

The negative!

4. Snoring – The hubs snores unfailingly every night, being the light sleeper that I am, I find myself awake sometimes, unable to sleep with the disturbance especially when the gen goes off. This gen matter is another wahala o! I wonder when Nigeria would get power right as a nation. It is so sad. The house we live in is a serviced apartment, we have a central 100kv gen *(DIESEL GUZZLER) shared by all occupants of the compound and it goes off between 12midnight and 5am! With the current heat wave (35 – 40degrees in Lagos), it is almost impossible to sleep well. I’v told the hubs that we must buy an inverter to fill in those hours as individual generators are not allowed.

Anyways, imagine the heat wave plus snoring . It equals discomforts. I have to buy earplugs. I don’t know how effective they are though.

I’m off to England on an 8day vacation alone! It sucks! I’m gonna miss the hubs loads. He’s been sulking and I’v been pretending not to notice. LOL

Happy Easter! Enjoy the extended weekend


Rita said...

First of all, I have not congratulated you very well on being married. Will you forgive me? I am more than happy for you knowing how God gave you this testimony.

Yes o, no be small adjusting...and you will keep adjusting for the many many years ahead of you. That is the beauty of marriage. on your 25th anniversary you may just find out you are the one worried about the cleaning and hubby will be telling you not to

I am very happy to hear he is excited about dinner. That is really motivating and a good bonding time for couples. God bless your home.

Without saying much, please get the inverter. It might be expensive for the initial expenditure but in the long run, it is worth it. That was what saved me when I had baby, especially as I had to store breastmilk for her as a working mum. Inverter in this part of our world is not a luxury...

Enjoy your vacations and all the best.

Nma said...

You make marriage seem like so much fun. There's nothing like marrying at the right time to the person u want the most *sigh*

Toinlicious said...

Just 1 negative? girl, you're making me wana get married. The heat wave is lethal o. Thankfully, it's been raining this week so the heat has eased up a bit.

Enjoy your vac (but alone?) er well, enjoy still

Unveilinggold said...

Sweet! Congrats once again!

As per your vac and you missing hubs, give me your ticket so u can stay with him :D Fair? Congrats again..I am not looking forward to summer here, when its cold its extreme, when its hot na fire *rolling eyes*

1 + The One said...

Awww.. Tis so sweet to be married! And thanks for sharing with us a glimpse into what early married life is!
I pray with all my heart that you enjoy! And hope you have a fantastic holiday (but without hubby?? lol)..
Hopefully when you return the passion will be 'sizzling over'! :-) xx

~Sirius~ said...

smiling here as I can relate to this.

You guys keep up the good work.

As for the heat wave -lets not go there.
yaaaay! For London. But why alone? Anyways have fun all the same


Marriage is beautiful and you just made me look forward even more to it...


Blessing said...

Yay! More pros than cons...I'm loving it...def something to look forward to!

dosh said...

I was oohing and aahhing till i got to 'snoring' and burst out in laughter. My fear for a snoring partner knows no bounds but if that's the only negative then you really have it good.

lol @ "even MY gas cooker"! It's really cool that he compliments your meals and you clean up in respect of his cleaning up. You guys have a good thing going and i pray that God continually blesses your home

HoneyDame said...

LMAO...Glad it is working out well for you...May it continue to be a source of happiness for you

jhazmyn said...

hahaha!!! Like Dosh, I burst out laughing at the snoring part, it might help to nudge him and get him to change his head position once he starts snoring though.

Enjoy every bit of it and I'm sure you'd survive those 8days :D

BBB said...


you just brought out my mushy side
had me awwwwww-ing everywhere

only one Con
Well Praise God
have fun in UK

Pretty Lashes said...

I can't stop saying congratulations!!!

May God continue to bless your union and may the list of negatives NEVER increase


aloted said...

lol..yes o...and the adjusting continues.. like the yorubas say you learn a lot in your matrimonial home. (ile oko ile eko)

u coming to the uk?? when??? where?? email me at maybe we can hook up if you are up to it :)

SHE said...

LOL. Plenty adjustments necessary !

Lucky you, that he won't ever leave dirty socks on the coffe table!

Myne Whitman said...

I love your hubs, hope I'm allowed, eh? LOL...but not the snoring. Have fun and enjoy your vacation too.

Enkay said...

May your Marriage continue to grow in in love and beauty.

I think it is easier when hubs and wify understand that adjustments in marriage will be a continuous learning and un-learning process.


Ginger said...

I go love oo. Why you wan spoil my image of Mr Doll? mind yaself...think of the snores as lullabies naa :)

'Lara said...

Wow this is lovely,you sure married Mr. Right...enjoy your vacation.

Happy birthday

P.E.T. Projects said...

So good to know you're settling in well. You can help hubs deal with the snoring bit.

Try making him change position, essentially ensure he's not facing the ceiling or having the AC or fan directed at his nostrils. It may help

you may also make him stay off excessively cold drinks... im sure something will work if u keep trying.

Bless ya!

Uzezi said...

the adjustments will continue all through cos when u feel you know him all, you start to learn new things about him.
glad you are enjoying your marriage and having fun. keep it this way always. please. and buy me all the goodies from England o! I will start calling your number from tomorrow!

Olufunke said...


Congrats on your wedding.

May your union be filled with bliss and all the beautiful things of life.

LOL@ the snoring part....guess you'd get used to it that the noise would become part of your sleeping routine, some kind of lullaby (laughs)

As per Naija heat/generator noise...e no get part 2! I feel you.


Anonymous said...

Awww, it's so lovely to see that you're adjusting well. Congratulations once more, and have a great vacation! said...


iyawo... wow.. things change.. from papa's house to your own house... good that you are filling the alone time with things to do like catch up on shows and reading.

as for snoring.. when you come to jand.. lol just buy one of those snoring kits for your husband.. there are some strips you can get from boots and he can stick on his nose bridge when he sleeps..apparently it works and it isnt too invasive on him. if that fails then ear plugs.. or let your ears get accustomeed to it or fall asleep before he does.... good luck!

PS: enjoy your trip

Naija Doll said...

Awwww, it's great that he's so excited about your dinners and looks forward to it...keep up the good work! And as for him being so clean that's a blessing girl...enjoy it.

And as per his snoring, image it as a rhythm, embrace the sound and let it soothe you to sleep. It's not easy but it has worked for me, lol. Enjoy your vacation!

Naija doll

La Reine said...

I've clearly been away for a while. Congratulations!

Loving the last few posts!

Take care, get good earplugs and enjoy your vacation :)

May said...

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uncommondeal said...

Happy married life. Marriage is an institution that you will learn and adjust to things every single day.
Yes it is fun in marriage if you married the right person that you can call a friend. Good luck girl and have fun on your vacation.
We are having our fun here too in Nigeria.

justsoyouknow said...

Nurture and cultivate your union dear. Petty misunderstandings are just part of it and gives spice to your marriage.
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QMoney said...

Yaaay,so we are watchin tinsel
My husband is scattered&that has had a -ve influence on me,I leave my stuff around now&don't care..sad
My husb &son snore&i have kind of learnt to live wit
Na wah for the decision makers in your zone oh,how about they put off the gen durin the day?its too unfair to sleep without @ least fan in this country
You are obviously back from mama charlie's land.biko,wetin u bring come?u were suppose to buy his birthday present on this trip abi?what did u buy?
Happy workers day:-)

My comment sef long pass your post, of dose days they r snorin&i can't sleep....oh well:-(

Priscy said...

I love it too when men do clean ups in the house. lol@ the negative, am sure sleeping positions, can help with the snoring aspect.
Best wishes to you and have fun with your holidays!

Tolulope Popoola said...

Hope you had a great birthday Doll. I remember cos you're my birthday mate! Regards to the hubby :)

Afronuts said...


Your hubs sounds like me! I'm a neat freak and wifey knows the only way to make me unhappy is leave the house in a mess.

And I guess the way I help out with some of the chores humbles her so much...

You've got a good start...but as for the negative...I'll say the snoring has a remedy. Maybe you should google it up and discuss it with hubby.

As for the gen already made a point for remedy - the Inverter!

Okeoghene said...

Hi doll,

You have been tagged. Please go to my blog for details.

Thank you

Geebee said...

I definitely missed out when you dropped this and to think that it's been here for so long??? I'm glad you're settling down to married life now. Nor be small thing o but I trust you're on top of the situation. *winks. lol @ the snoring o! It's something you're just gonna have to put up with just like hubby's gonna have to put up with a lot of things about you to nau! Reciprocal actions noni! Nice one, doll!

BSNC said...

Awwwww i know you got married and everything, but you are really a wife for real lol. I want to be a wife too oh. Your marriage is interesting i tell you :)

You have been tagged. check for details on my blog :)

May said...

Marriage is a good thing more especially if you 're with the right one.. Enjoy yourself and have fun.. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving some comments, i really appreciate and i look forward for your blog..
Have a great day..

Mamuje said...

Congratulations on your marriage doll. I wish you all the best and even more. Yay!!!!!

As for the NEPA wahala....Nigeria will get better.

Original Mgbeke said...

Omg, you got married!!! Congratulations lady. This post was total cuteness :-D. I wish you the very best of married life. May you and your hubby continue to love and appreciate each other, and may your feelings remain true and fresh. Yaaay :-D.

Now let me go catch up on the other posts.