Thursday, August 4, 2011

Count down - 6 months!

If it pleases the Lord, six months down the line today, I shall be getting married traditionally. I am excited and scared at the same time.

Before i got engaged, all I saw was wedding pictures, happy couples, etc but since I copped the ring, friends and peeps generally have been coming clean and open; hammering how marriage is not a bed of roses, how it is hard work, how 80% of expectations would not be met, how it is stifling, how it is choking, etc. It is so scary I just want to run away. The fiancé and I have been talking about it a lot these days, the poor guy probably think I’m getting cold feet from the way I’v been bringing all these up, he even asked if I wanted to move the dates up, LOL. No cold feet here honestly, I guess one is always apprehensive about the unknown but truth is there is no one I’d rather be embarking on this journey with, because he is truly amazing and I know he’ll make a good husband and a good father and most importantly we have God as our foundation.

So six months to go, I’m really reluctant to delve fully into planning, because I need to get another job ASAP, we both work together and even though my MD has told me three times, that he wouldn’t want to lose any of us and he’ll find a way to work around it, I really don’t want to get married here. It is too much of a risk financially for both husband and wife to earn a living from the same place. I attended a couple of interviews in July, had the final stage of one last week, so your prayers are solicited o! this is topmost in my request sheet to God.

Anyways, my dress has been sorted out, I’ll get it in November or early December, then I’ll worry about accessories and the like then. I shall register us for counseling this month and we can start in September. Wedding venue has been picked but not paid for yet. I’ll try the caterer for the introduction first, if we are impressed then she’ll do the wedding, the fiance doesn’t want the regular jollof rice, moin-moin and chicken, he wants a really rich menu with different kind of sauces and the like. I’m open to recommendations for vendors especially for everything from MC, band, decorator, drinks, food, everything.

On the weight loss bit, the instructor at the gym asked that i reduce my activity from 5 times a week to 4 times, i agreed (after this month hehehe)

The colors for the white wedding! Peaches and ivory (cream) (was chosen by the fiance o) how does that sound???

For the traditional i want yellow, what does yellow go with apart from brown????

Happy new month! May our dreams come true in August.


Tega said...

I liked the way this post started...and it is my prayer that it is pleasant in the Lord's sight... Amen.

Time is flying o...only the other day you were talking of an engagement and now you can see the date

Best of luck with everything... gyming, preparations and the job-hunt...I trust it will all come together in fruition.

Every relationship may have its hiccups but the good Lord that started a good thing with you guys will be faithful and just to complete it..for the rest of your lives....x

@ilola said...

There are good marriage stories and bad marriage stories. Please, try to listen to the good ones and pray that your marriage will be like theirs. There is no use building your fear now, it is not healthy at all. Faith is what one should build at this stage. I wish you the best

Anonymous said...

kpele its not easy. u'll get the job in Jesus name. the lady who catered for my wedding some months ago was fantastic, presentation, good food varieties was excellent. She is based in Lagos would give u her number for a just joking. email me on if you would like to get her number.

~Sirius~ said...

Hey...please don't freak yourself out for no reason.

Think about it, we all have to work hard for the good stuff.

I heard all those scary stories too, but I blocked my ears because as far as I was concerned that wasn't going to be my story.

If you two are great friends, chances are, despite any hurdles you may face, you two will come out stronger......and besides the hurdles are not there all the time.

There's more good than bad. And if God be with you, No one can be against you.

Good Luck with the preps......I love your "husband-to-be's" food preference. my wedding had that- unfortunately it was not catered by an individual it was done by the hotel we used- splendid gourmet full 3 course meal.

Peaches and Ivory--- divine combination if applied in the right ratio- very yummy colours

HoneyDame said...

Wow!! I am sooo excited for you. May you fidn happiness in it. The good Lord will santicfy the day and union...Peaches and cream sound good but I little dull/too subtle to me sha. As for yellow, purple always looks very very nice with it. Even wine. I know of a caterer too who is based in Ibadan but frequents Lagos. Her food tastes mad good and her personality is too die for! I will try to email her contact to you asap.

Giagerry said...

Im really excited for you! I pray the job come through too--have a blissful wedding planning, we'd watch this space well for more details as the day approaches.

*SweetlyBroken* said...

Don't worry about it. Marriage is ordained by God. And, He will make sure it suits both your needs and your future husband. Put all your worries in God's hands and He'll be sure to see you through. God has not given you the spirit of fear, but of power, love and sound-mind. So be happy about your future and cast out the spirit of fear.

As for the color...Yellow and Blue, or Yellow and Green :/

Unveilinggold said...

Please like @ilola focus on the good stories and facts in every marriage..aww ur baby wanted to move date..

I dont know any caterer but I will frequent this blog to see how things unfolds..all the best and congratulations..I pray you get the job you desire :)

Young Grumbler said...

Alexander McCarthy are offering a discounted bridal package in Lagos, check out this link

Yellow goes great with turquoise blue or even deep purple

Yankeenaijababe said...

May your own marriage be one full of joy and happiness, marriage does take a lot of work but you know who you married right, he's your best friend not just any man. It's going to be well, hang in tight, can't wait for wedding & traditional pictures, it should be fun. My wedding is next year, haven't even started planning anything

Myne Whitman said...

Yellow and blue are great together. As for marriage, it takes commitment but it's not bad if you marry your friend and lover. All the best in everything.

J'Adore Fashion said...

WOW! Love is beautiful and so is marriage. Don't have cold feet! God will surely bless and keep you marriage filled with love and all your heart desires.

I love the peach and ivory--whimsical and romantic! :)

The yellow can go with purple or a cobalt type blue.

Planning wedding can be stressful. Make sure you enjoy it all. I wish you the best dear! Love reading you posts!


Mimi B said...

Doll, please, please, please stop listening to testiphoney's about marriage.

The truth is the enemy hates the union of marriage, so he's going to do his best to surround you with negative people who will fill you with horror stories. Just keep in mind that there are successful marriages out there. Do you know that statistics show that successfully married people live longer and are show signs of being happier?

I'm not saying people who don't get married are not happy. I'm just trying to illustrate that marriage is a good thing, ordained by God.

I've heard from couples who are blissfully happy. Please, stand firm knowing that your own case will be different.

Many Blessings dear

Beautiful said...

*Wailing on my bed* i want to get married toooooo!

Sweetie congrats once again, i never get tired of saying congrats.

Well, i looove colours and i'm very daring. So you might not like this but Orange and Yellow (as odd as it sounds) are FABOOOOSH! burnt orange that is and tropical yellow....gosh!

U'll def get a good job IJN

about the weight loss, small small o. Don't go and look too skinny, just make sure you look very HAWT with curves in the right places.

May God bless your marriage abundantly dearie.

Chili Pepa said...

Congrats Doll. Haven't been to yours or any blog in a while. I hope you find all the happiness you desire in your marriage. Bless.

I sent you mail.

Mwajim Al said...

Yellow and black or yellow and green (light). Excited for you! Goodluck :) ooo and don't stop communicating your fears to your fiance AND PRAYING about them together and apart! God is your muscle.

Blessing said...

wow!6 months, so beautiful!
What about yellow and turquoise blue?

Peach and ivory sounds good!



Mbabazi said...

i actually feel encouraged reading the post and the comments. mine is 8 months from now but once in a while i panic and beginning to fear for the future. To cope i have been pushing my friends to also plan their own weddings, i feel like there is consolation in numbers. My man is great and im so excited and looking forward but that little fear is there too. Trusting in God is my thing now. Put all your plans before him and all will be well.
At least you have thought about the wedding , i want to plan mine 5 months to d day.

oroque said...

You'll be just third wife felt exactly the same when we got married in 1967. :) but seriously, I liked how you started with "I’m really reluctant to delve fully into planning" and then proceeded to plan everything except the wedding cake. Really nice. God will strengthen you through this period and make you realize that you are blessed beyond measure.

Muse Origins said...

Oh wow! Congrats! God will guide the two of you, no worries

Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)
Muse Origins

Nonye said...

congrats dearie.... marriage may not be a bed of roses but with God you are gauranteed a constant supply of roses. It is a beautiful experience, always remember that!

Rebirth said...

So excited for you babe......
Don't focus on other people's stories. Create yours and i know it will be wonderful

juiceegal said...

Congrats hun, so happy for you :*

Pretty Lashes said...

So Funny, Mr Lashes and I were talking about cold feet yesterday. I think everyone gets them, what's important is that you know you're marrying your best friend.

Pretty Lashes said...

So Funny, Mr Lashes and I were talking about cold feet yesterday. I think everyone gets them, what's important is that you know you're marrying your best friend.