Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Dress

Many girls dream about their wedding day before they are old enough to date, fortunately or unfortunately, I am not one of those girls. I have no wedding day envisioned in my mind, so people say “hope you get the wedding of your dreams”, I wonder if it is odd to reply “I actually have no dreams”. LOL.

The only thing I am sure about is that I don’t want a white wedding dress, maybe diamond white, but preferably ivory.

After copping the ring, I worked on the budget and the workplan which scheduled activities to start in August, and was prepared to just sit back and wait till august, however, my friends have been drumming continuously that I cannot plan a wedding in five months that I need to start NOW. No be money them dey use start planning?

Anyways, over the weekend, my friend that got engaged about the same time buzzed me to say she had ordered her wedding dress and I’m thinking to myself already??then she says it would take 5-6 months to be ready. Apparently that is the lifespan of ordering a decent dress, that chilled me out o! it means August would be cutting it close for “the dress”. Anyways she gave me a list of designers to check out Maggie Sottero, Oleg Cassinni, Anfred Angelo and a host of others.

I heard the UK is a very expensive place to get a dress and the US is better, however, me I no get power for US embassy stress, this means ordering online and fitting in Nigeria, which is beginning to seem like a long thing.

So another friend gave me the name and number of a Nigerian designer called Valerie Davids who schooled under Yemi Kosibah and I have an appointment to see her sometime next week, to see what she has done in the past, timelines, and pricing. I’m supposed to go with pictures so I guess its time to start checking out wedding dresses YAY!!!!

Any ideas of any good designer here or abroad or any tips/ hints/ etc to share?

I guess I also have to inform the bridesmaid officially because the two I have told unofficially are itching to pick their dress as well.

Happy new month by the way. The fiancé was promoted today, so I guess it’s going to be a great month.


Miss A said...

nice @ the fiancé promotion... now get started on the dress !! Gosh I had a picture of what I wanted in mind and it took me forever to find the one -
let us know how it goes :)

Mbabazi said...

good for you with the fiancee's promo.. i know i want lace and something on my dress but its hard to say where you can find one

Madame Sting said...

Congrats to ur fiance. My dear, you are not the only one with no dreams of how a wedding should be. I hope u find a dress you like. Different strokes for different folks, my sisters friend went to the UK from the US to get a dress and i know people who come to the US from the UK to get their dress. I would say, find something in naija. I'm sure you would get a pretty dress in naija.

Good luck. It can't be easy planning a wedding.

H said...

awww...congrats on the promotion.
Re: wedding dress, happy hunting.

Anonymous said...

Yay! so happy for you and your fiance on his promotion.

I really don't know any designer nor dreamt about my wedding dress.

Since you are in 9ja, try our designers here...good luck in your search.

Laurenta said...

Congrats on the promotion love
I cant say i havent though about the dress id love to have but, its not been a big focus of mine.
depends on my weight at the time of the wedding i guess, lol
Hope u find the perfect dress, keep us posted

HoneyDame said...

Congrats on every count hon.

@ilola said...

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend a designer for you as I have no wedding experiences.
Congrats on the promotion of your fiancee, God will continue to increase you guys

leggy said...

most of the wedding dresses on bellanaija that are gorgeous are actually made in nigeria by nigerian designers. i think you should def check them out.

P.E.T. Projects said...

I think its time to check out all the wedding blogs all over again. You may start by checking wedding posts on, you get quit a few dresses and recreate a style to suit you.
There'll also be addresses and names of designers up in there.

You may also try, there's a special session therein called Matrimony Boulevard.

Mimi B said...

Oh you're dress shopping now eh? Cool. Like you i also don't have a dream wedding dress, event, or any other thing. The only thing i know is that i want a white dress, a blindingly white dress...i think : )

Blessing said...

Awwwww...this is exciting!!!

I have no idea about dresses o...but I hope that ur appt goes well!

Congrats to the Mr.!

Okeoghene said...

Congrats on your fiance promotion. May God continue to bless you guys. This is the beginning of better things to come. I had no dreams of my wedding either, I guess my husband had enough wedding dream for the both of us and everything turned out fine. Your choice of color for the gown is nice too.

~Sirius~ said...


I was worse excitement what so ever when I was getting married (that's just the way I am)

The planning and everything irritated me, so i didn't do much.

I just knew what I DIDN'T want.
(hence church, and 70 people at Protea hotel afterwards- ON A WEDNESDAY)- Not to mention- No train, just a maid of honour and best man

Heard about Valerie Davids. in fact called her up back then.

Luckily for me, my sister and I wear the same size and she lives in Canada, so she and my mum went dress shopping for me- bbmed me photo's as she tried them on, until i found my dress...simple and divine(ivory)- the church already gave strict instructions about what couldn't be worn, so.

I saw a lot of pretty dresses in Ikota and on Allen too. (affordable too) most people think of having their dresses made

(that was my dream dress back then, but it didn't pass the test by the church :-()

It's different strokes for different should do what makes you happy.

Congrats! on your fiancé getting promoted. good way to start the month.

Lara said...

Congratulations to the fiance on the promotion...
Like you, I do not have a dream wedding and I guess when the time comes, I will think about it.

Online you can find a lot of pretty wedding dresses.

Congrats girl and all the best.

Good Naija Girl said...

This sounds like a lot of fun! It would be pretty cool to go to a designer and have her design a dress for you, based on what you like! Where I am that would be the costliest option but I think it's different in Nigeria.

I hope you'll share some of the dress styles you like with us.

And congrats on your fiancé's promotion! That's great news.

cosmopolitandiva said...

congrats on your fiance's promotion!! email me i'm obsessed with wedding dresses and i have a few tips for ya :)

Beautiful said...

OK I am OFFICIALLY jealous of you girl!!!! Congrats once again and congrats on your hubby's promotion! This is the beginning of greater things in your life IJN. Hope you'll post pics of the dresses you like so we can comment on them. I can help you plan virtually though...i LOVE weddings! hahaha, don't worry, I'm excited enough for both of us even if I don't physically know u!